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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

Busy times for everyone at this time of the year.  Watering our gardens, ensuring that all of our veggie plants are growing well.

Me .. well .. I’ve harvested my garlic crop.  I think that I dug them up a few weeks early, but that’s where the impatient side of my personality kicked in!  The garlic cloves that I’d planted so carefully last October, in neat little rows had fun moving around during the fall, winter and spring.  Sometimes there were 3 garlic bulbs growing together.  There was a variety of sizes, from small to medium to huge .. so that was all right!

Well .. look here .. what is this strange object in the midst of my garlic beds??

017Ok, I was having fun with the timer on our camera … hadn’t used it before and wanted to see what I looked like in my lovely garlic bed.  Don’t ask how many times I had to reset the camera and run back and quickly look relaxed .. oh, it was fun.

Our Mr. Duncan is the epitome of cool and I recently watched him as he sauntered up the back stairs. .. note the flaring ears as I called to him .. hey, Mr. D ….


whaaaaat …… I’m busy .. lady.


I’m babysitting some plants for a friend and was quite upset a few weeks ago, when this lovely specimen was nearly a goner.  You can’t tell by this photo .. but I’d not watered this plant for a while and was sickened to see that most of the leaves were brown and crinkly.  I watered with a liberal dose of EM and look here .. magic!


My lovely garlic crop, nearly all dug up …21

Garlic placed on makeshift work tables (2 work tables with framed lattice in between …resulting in a lot of space to work with.  And I found an easy braiding recipe and will share those photos next time.  They look rustic and I’m quite proud of them.


Random beauty . .a surprise flowering rocky rose


A surprise little beetle .. looks like a ladybug .. alights on a garlic ..


It was walking for miles on its tiny little legs .. quickly scurrying up garlic stems ..


I watched as it travelled endlessly … and finally  it went to the ground.  A huge universe open for adventures … one that is hidden from my eyes ..

11And then … far far away …


I had set the sprinkler on at the back of the yard .. left it and later on heard the joyous chirps of the Bush-tits and Chickadees …  quietly went over and tried to see what was going on, what were they doing?  So difficult to see them in all this greenery.


Look .. the tiny little darlings were having a fantastic time .. showering in the tiny drops of water .. grooming themselves .. I was able to take a few photos …what a wonderful time they were having …made me smile and feel happy too!


Lovely little darlings, aren’t they …its moments like this that adds a big sparkle to the magic of gardening …


Well .. that is just a tiny bit of what has been going on in my life … and so I am donning my gardening costume, brewing another cup of tea and racing outside, to make some bamboo climbers for my Cannelloni beans to grow up against.

Out into the sunshine …



Wednesday was quite the garlic-y day for me .. and guess what, I’ve finally dug some up

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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We are finally enjoying hot summer weather and it’s wonderful for the garden and the humans also!

Yesterday I heeded the information that the garlic is ready to harvest when the bottom leaves turn yellow.  Although I’ve also read that one should wait till the crowns have wilted.  Anyway, I was so excited about digging up some of the garlic that I just started digging away.

The garlic was well rooted, what with the composted soil, the addition of lots of seaweed plus liberal doses of EM …. plus the recent rains had made it a bit more challenging to lift the garlic.

Nonetheless, I did harvest quite a number.  As I was cleaning off the bulb and then trimming the roots neatly, I had a thought.  What if the roots are meant to be left on?

So, into the house and I started searching for information on garlic.  Found several sites.  But .. the best site, bar none, was this one, and located in British Columbia!  Boundary Garlic Farm.

And here I learned to keep the leafy section and the roots attached to the bulb, so that they would add more energy and growth to the bulb.   And not to worry about the dirt around the roots, these can be gently removed later when they are dry.

Besides recipes and many, many growing tips and information on how to choose which garlic would be suitable for various climates .. I learned that I can slice the cloves of garlic in a food processor and then dehydrate them.   I’ll try that .. drying them in the oven.  Then, the dried slices can be kept either in an airtight container or in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  Later, they can be ground to a powder.

Lots of helpful information on this site.

I did find a site that mentioned that the garlic roots are a delicacy .. but can’t try that out, as the root cuttings from yesterday are scattered, drying, in the garlic bed.  Murphy!

Well, I decided to let the rest of the garlic just stay nice and cozy in their bed until the leaves are more yellow.   This will give the soil time to dry out a bit, making it easier for me to harvest them.

I’m sure going to need a lot of space to dry these giants … and luckily, my friend D gave me a wonderful netting that will be perfect for drying.  I’ll take a picture tomorrow!

I am very impressed with the size of the garlic, it’s mostly hardneck (I’d bought 4 types from Richter’s a few years ago) and they are the size of elephant garlic.   I had bought several cloves of elephant, but wasn’t very successful with those.

Other things I learned while searching for information in the world of garlic .. were that the seeds of garlic can be sown .. they will grow into various shapes over the following 3 years, resulting in large bulbs.

And that the “rounds” can be harvested …. dried .. and then planted again and the result will be larger bulbs.

And that those tiny little round chickpea-like growths that are on the hardnecks can be planted again.  So I’ve soaked quite a number of them in concentrated EM and put them in a container for rooting.  At which time I’ll plant.

Also, some “rounds” might result from bulbs not receiving a month of 10 degrees of coldness in the fall.

And that you can speed up the rooting of garlic cloves, if time is tight in the fall, by putting them in containers, filled with compost, in the kitchen, until the roots form … which they will do, quickly . .and then plant them out.

Yesterday was quite a garlic-y one for me.

Yum.  Yum.  Yum.

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Friday arrives and with it ….besides some shopping . .I’ve been playing with the garlic in the garden, yum, yum

Friday, June 1, 2012

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So .. the end of the week has arrived, so quickly.  Many things to do  .. errands … before I can allow myself to play in the garden.

Out and about, recycling all set out … shopping .. it’s been awhile since I’ve just randomly gone out shopping for this and that .. from a list.   And I re-discovered that it was a lot of fun.  Spoke with a variety of people.  Enjoyed the positive energy of some very helpful sales clerks in some stores.

Some people just bring a shine to your day and that is what I found today!  Positive attitudes and so very helpful .. so many of us start off that way and along the way, the lustre just disappears.  For whatever reason.  I’ve worked hard to keep mine polished, though!  Just feels so much better to me.

London Drugs at McKenzie & Quadra was a good example.  I was looking for a pressure cooker on sale and the lovely cashier searched and found the one & verified the cost against the flyer.  Now, how many employees would even take the time to do that?

And then, Home Depot at Colwood .. another bright energized young lady was ever so helpful when I was looking for, first .. plant pot saucers .. and then, when I was looking for some unusual vegetable plants, well, she led me to the section with Bok choy .. and chose a lovely 6-pack of this vegetable.   As I spoke to the cashier, I discovered that the energized person had just started work there this week.   Keep that positivity going …..

So, finally, at home.   Eventually, to the garden.

Moved all the potted up garlic starts over to the “garlic bed” .. and began to plant them.    Then, when I’d planted  .. maybe .. 30 or so .. I looked again at the garlic bulbs planted up in tubs and thought .. well, the root systems are so intermingled .. why don’t I just leave them bo .. for the summer .. and so I did that.

I must admit that I’ve become quite enamored of garlic.  All that magic power from a simple bulb, culminating in a vigorous growth of strong green stems and finally a lovely fat garlic bulb!   And … ta da .. yesterday I clipped some garlic scapes .. . omg .. so delicious and so garlicy.

Tonight I made some garlic scape pesto (many recipes online) and then mixed up some almond kale chips, adding lots of garlic and the scapes.

I found out that the hardneck garlic grows scapes and so I’ll leave the rest of the scapes to grow into longer lengths.  Then I’ll clip them and will either make pesto or perhaps I’ll just freeze them to make into various recipes later on.

As usual, I’ve walked around the yard, taking photos of the developing flowers .. enjoying the changing conditions of the yard.  So much beauty.

Tomorrow I’ll share my latest plants and also how I’ve reshaped a little section of the yard, using boards, bricks, hay, Alpaca manure, compost and all the lovely things one can add to a garden.

It’s been a fun day!