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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Yesterday was so much fun .. and I attended my first ever Soccer Game!!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

So very much going on and I’ve really wanted to blog but my life has been proceeding along like one of those crazy Family Circle cartoons .. the one which shows the kids racing all over the house and outside.  Leaving a trail of marks that indicate foot prints, showing the directions they have been going in.

Well .. that is what happens in life, right?   Everything is calm and then .. ba boom!  Activity happens.  I’m taking care of two yard properties and doing a lot of clearing away, decluttering.  Cleaning.  All in a timeline and so for several weeks I haven’t taken my daily walks and oh how I miss them.

That will change as of tomorrow … when I recommence my lovely daily walks and so I’m dusting off my camera, polishing off my binoculars and will venture out for a “short” one hour walk.

A few days ago … I had a little visit with little Jeanie .. she is such a little love and hasn’t forgotten the sound of my voice, even though it’s been quite a while since we saw each other.  She is a darling and was wearing a very stylish plum coloured outfit … isn’t she beautiful?


And lovely skies recently .. I quite loved this cloud .. seen as we were travelling by ferry to Salt Spring Island yesterday.


We recently had some intensive tree work done and I finally had a chance to see the professional climbing equipment that our friend, the arborist, used to climb the tall trees.   Those are serious hooks and very necessary to ensure safety during the climb.


And I was very happy that he brought along little Gemma!   Here she is sitting quietly after eagerly chowing down on a huge chicken sandwich.  burp   We’d just come back for a good little walk and had worked up an appetite.


Yum .. that was a good sandwich, she seemed to say .. would there be the possibility of another?


So anyway dh & I arrived at Salt Spring and made our way to visit our friends who live over there.     And look at this sky!!!


After a lovely cup of tea .. we went outside to see what was happening in the yard .. and I noticed a cheery little crocus that had popped up through the moss .. delightful.


And there were . … literally .. thousands of daffodils growing everywhere … maybe we’ll have a chance to go for another visit so I can take some photos of their blooms!  Stunning.


And .. not to mention … masses of snowdrops … like bouquets scattered here and there.   Landscaping by Nature .. the best ever.


And while I was standing there, quietly, snapping pics, a sudden movement at my feet caused me to look down and there was a tiny little tree frog …he’d jumped up from the grass .. seeking warmth from the stones.  How very cute is this!


The rustic beauty of the fence caught my eye.


So then our friends invited us to a soccer match .. I’d never been to one and so was looking forward to this.   Here … the Salt Spring Island Men’s team were getting ready to start the game.


They went into the pre-game huddle to plan their strategy.


The games officials began their trek to the field.


Ouch .. this is a really physical game.  The players were extremely active, running, jumping, racing … I was quite tired just looking at them!


And our friend’s son was playing!  He’s a very good soccer player!!

17 16

Our dear friend Gemma came along to watch the game with everyone.


The cheerful skies above seemed to cheer on the SSI team as the score was 2-0 when we left … to catch another ferry ..22

As the ferry left the terminal .. this little seagull just waited patiently to see us away.


It was a lovely day .. .and now we were on our way to a wedding!!  More about that tomorrow.


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Wednesday was a sunny day .. perfect for playing in the yard. Watching birds, helicopter, the skies …

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Wednesday (like today!) … lots of sun and blue skies overhead, yea!!

16 - Copy

Spent some time playing with my newest garden treasure .. my yard cart .. it is so very useful, how did I manage without it!  It holds so much material and also handy for easily moving tools around the yard.  I really feel like a spoiled gardener!

11 - Copy

This looks like a low flying helicopter, but no worries, I’d just zoomed in.  Looks kind of cool, seen through the branches of the wild and crazy tree (aka, pear rootstock)

24 - Copy

During some quiet times I simply stood motionless and watched the Anna’s fly to the hummingbird feeder23 - Copy

And watched the Bushtit hop over to the feeder … to check out this interesting feeder … the perch is just the right size for his little claws to cling to.22 - Copy

He seems a bit puzzled now … where is the food ..21 - Copy

Ahem .. the little Anna seems to say … pardon me ..but this is not for you …20 - Copy

See .. it’s built just right for me ..19 - Copy

The Bushtit wasn’t convinced .. so he just had to study the feeder more closely 18 - Copy

Perhaps you are right .. this one is perfect for me!17 - Copy

Sigh ….16 - Copy

Soon, all was right with the world as the Anna returned to the feeder .. no other birds visited here again .. they’ll stick with the suet15 - Copy

I saw 3 Downy woodpeckers in the yard .. wondered, are some of them the babies from last year?   They visited all of the suet blocks in the yard.  I’ve placed 5 of them throughout … and this one is the special, made in BC item that D noticed on the side of the road, a few weeks ago.  It’s once again fulfilling its purpose .. to hold food to feed the birds!14 - Copy

And .. I did not see this rainbow till I downloaded the photos …. how perfect is this …is this positive energy from the feeder  … happy again, feeding the birds ???13 - Copy

And those roses .. are still blooming .. how very pretty they are12 - Copy

2 years ago … I couldn’t see many robins in the yard at all.  Yet this year there are quite a few.  And they are all robust.  This one is pecking away at a fallen apple.

09 - Copy

The little Fox sparrow .. patiently waiting, again!08 - Copy

Hi Mr. Robin …..07 - Copy

Jet overhead … someone going somewhere exotic?   I like to think so.06 - Copy

Sweet-pea seed pod ….I’ve left some on the plants .. maybe they will sprout and grow more beautiful flowers.05 - Copy

Still can’t bear to pull the sweet-peas up .. I’ll let them go on their own time.

04 - Copy

Sweet little Bushtits …. chirping away .. happy sounds in the yard03 - Copy

Beauty ..02 - Copy

Like a visual poem in the skies above…

01 - CopySurprise treasures in the yard!  I’d just finished planting some garlic cloves (found a good head of garlic from Salt Spring Island and wanted to grow some of that type).  When, surprise, I found these bulbs had rooted in a pot.  No soil.  Well, bulbs are hardy, that is for sure.  So I carefully separated them and covered them with some mulch, ready for planting today.  There are also some other bulbs with them, I think they might be tulips.  Will plant them in a pot and wait for Spring to see if I am right!

26 - Copy

So .. time to put on my lovely gardening outfit .. my trusty Carhart bibs .. how very elegant!  🙂 and outside to plant these lovely garlic cloves .. there is still time for them to grow.  In the spring (not far away) I will commence with the application of EM .. on everything!!!  Magic.

Twas a great day and I expect more of the same today!



Wednesday was quite the garlic-y day for me .. and guess what, I’ve finally dug some up

Thursday, July 5, 2012

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We are finally enjoying hot summer weather and it’s wonderful for the garden and the humans also!

Yesterday I heeded the information that the garlic is ready to harvest when the bottom leaves turn yellow.  Although I’ve also read that one should wait till the crowns have wilted.  Anyway, I was so excited about digging up some of the garlic that I just started digging away.

The garlic was well rooted, what with the composted soil, the addition of lots of seaweed plus liberal doses of EM …. plus the recent rains had made it a bit more challenging to lift the garlic.

Nonetheless, I did harvest quite a number.  As I was cleaning off the bulb and then trimming the roots neatly, I had a thought.  What if the roots are meant to be left on?

So, into the house and I started searching for information on garlic.  Found several sites.  But .. the best site, bar none, was this one, and located in British Columbia!  Boundary Garlic Farm.

And here I learned to keep the leafy section and the roots attached to the bulb, so that they would add more energy and growth to the bulb.   And not to worry about the dirt around the roots, these can be gently removed later when they are dry.

Besides recipes and many, many growing tips and information on how to choose which garlic would be suitable for various climates .. I learned that I can slice the cloves of garlic in a food processor and then dehydrate them.   I’ll try that .. drying them in the oven.  Then, the dried slices can be kept either in an airtight container or in a ziplock bag in the freezer.  Later, they can be ground to a powder.

Lots of helpful information on this site.

I did find a site that mentioned that the garlic roots are a delicacy .. but can’t try that out, as the root cuttings from yesterday are scattered, drying, in the garlic bed.  Murphy!

Well, I decided to let the rest of the garlic just stay nice and cozy in their bed until the leaves are more yellow.   This will give the soil time to dry out a bit, making it easier for me to harvest them.

I’m sure going to need a lot of space to dry these giants … and luckily, my friend D gave me a wonderful netting that will be perfect for drying.  I’ll take a picture tomorrow!

I am very impressed with the size of the garlic, it’s mostly hardneck (I’d bought 4 types from Richter’s a few years ago) and they are the size of elephant garlic.   I had bought several cloves of elephant, but wasn’t very successful with those.

Other things I learned while searching for information in the world of garlic .. were that the seeds of garlic can be sown .. they will grow into various shapes over the following 3 years, resulting in large bulbs.

And that the “rounds” can be harvested …. dried .. and then planted again and the result will be larger bulbs.

And that those tiny little round chickpea-like growths that are on the hardnecks can be planted again.  So I’ve soaked quite a number of them in concentrated EM and put them in a container for rooting.  At which time I’ll plant.

Also, some “rounds” might result from bulbs not receiving a month of 10 degrees of coldness in the fall.

And that you can speed up the rooting of garlic cloves, if time is tight in the fall, by putting them in containers, filled with compost, in the kitchen, until the roots form … which they will do, quickly . .and then plant them out.

Yesterday was quite a garlic-y one for me.

Yum.  Yum.  Yum.