My Life is really in the Garden

Enjoying and sharing the daily discoveries of the beautiful nature that surrounds me in my lovely garden and everywhere else!


I’ve loved gardening forever and now I have lots of time to play around in the garden.  I’ve recently finished the Organic Master Gardening course, sponsored by Gaia College and taken at the location of Royal Roads, in Colwood.
This program has changed forever the way I think about gardening.  Here, I learned about the microorganisms in the soil, what constitutes soil.   Effective Microorganisms.  The proper way to compost and using glacial rock dust, manure, greens, browns (including hay and cardboard), EM.
So much .. so much .. and now I am busy mixing up batches of EM to use in the yard and give to my friends.
Anyway .. here I am … and I’ll update this page later.  Time to go outside!

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