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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Working in the sun, planting, digging, sorting .. having fun outside.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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Oh, so sadly I learned of the passing of the wonderful Maeve Binchy .. from Bridget’s blog:

Maeve Binchy, is, bar none .. the most gifted writer there has ever been .. she captures the heart and soul of everyday people in everyday situations.

I have all of her books and re-read them from time to time, noticing more nuances with each reading.

Oh, how very lucky we are to have had her in our world.  Bless you Maeve.

Flying has been very much in my world I am very happy to say!   Loving the skies, clouds and birds up above .. my joy is increased when we are up in the air flying from here to there.

The skies have been sporting such beautiful cloud formations lately .. and my little camera has been clicking away at every opportunity.  Some of the clouds are stupendous in their beauty and gracefulness .. shifting and changing as we pass by ..and I cannot pass up the chance to take lots of photos as we do.

I see animals, boomerangs, people in the puffy cloud formations … scenery .. all sorts of things.  Quite beautiful.

Working hard in the garden during the week so that I can relax and just absorb the peaceful beauty of the lovely skies and scenery on the ground.

I’ve been mixing large quantities of EM during the past few weeks, and last night I applied quite a bit on some newly transplanted cedars and bay trees.   I know that you are not “supposed” to transplant perennials in the hot sun .. but I took a chance and started digging in late afternoon .. followed by a very liberal dousing of EM. And today I noticed the plants are looking just fine!

I’ve come to depend quite heavily on the EM (effective microorganism) mixture.  It gives the same results, pretty well, as brewed compost tea .. however, I haven’t put together a tea composter (with aquarium tubing and motors) this year.  Perhaps next year.  For now, though, my EM is the magical elixir for all things growing in the garden.

The strawberry plants have started to flower again.  Same for the tomatoes.  The snapeas and the sweet peas .. same story.   And the growth of the bay tree in the back, along with the bay laurels and the willow .. well, these are growing into lovely giant plants.

Yesterday I was busy reshaping one side of the yard.  Down on my hands and knees, with only a few garden tools, I busily dug out weeds, created a shallow edging at the forefront of this garden bed and found yet more garlic from a few years ago.  I’m drying these and will plant them in the main garlic bed in September.

I also pulled out invasive plants, too many crocosomia, Euphorbia and a few others.   Now I want space for the cedars to grow out and up.   And more space for the lavender and rosemary plants.  Plus, I’d like to grow a variety of lavender plants, to make a lovely lower border at the front of this garden area.

Working in the blazing sun, getting dusty and dirty, wearing my sturdy garden outfit, I feel quite happy in my world.  Getting lots done sometimes and not so much in others.

Spent some time today in clearing away fence boards and the mess that accompanies new fencing in the yard.   A few hours into the lifting, carrying, sorting and tidying and I was quite ready for a tea break.

Now .. time to go back outside .. to enjoy the sun and to plant some more perennials. Does it ever end!

Tomorrow I’ll be getting 5 yards of that lovely Miracle Mulch for the perennials beds:


Now .. time to get ready to go back outside.

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Happy in the sky, flying amongst the clouds

Saturday, July 29, 2012

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My life on Saturday was mostly spent in the air .. and only a little bit of time in my garden.  Lots of time for that in a few days.

For now .. up up and away enjoy the clouds … be at cloud base .. enjoy the shifting shapes.

Flying through the air .. first in the airplane and later in the sailplane.

How lucky am I .. .  I know I am ..

Soaring above the earth ..  flitting among the clouds.

Feeling the energy of the natural forces of the earth and sky combined.

Feeling the freedom of being up in the sky …

I sink back into my passenger seat and just soak in the rays of the sun.  Feeling the joy of being in the air.  The silence …. The swoosh of the wings as the sailplane effortlessly swirls and soars.

Oh, I am so very  lucky.

Saturday was a day of heights .. of things high in the sky.

Happy Birthday MJ!!

Onwards and upwards .. more flying to be done.

More clouds to be enjoyed.

More flowers to be seen.

More birds to watch.

On this very lovely and sunny day ….


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Interesting activities to be seen in the yard … that I otherwise might have missed

Saturday, July 28, 2012

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This past week .. now that we have had more than 5 consecutive days of warm sunny weather, I found myself just watching what’s happening in the yard.  So nice to have the time to do that, finally, after years of being on the treadmill.

And I find the most loveliest little signs of activity that I would have otherwise missed!

Saw a chubby little honeybee .. taking a few minutes out of his busy day, collecting nectar .. to just chill out on a plant leaf.

There are a number of butterflies in the yard and I was able to take some pics of the brownish/black type when they rested.

So busy looking at a busy bee in a sunflower that I almost missed the little ladybug that was tucked away in the yellow petals!

Again, so lost in admiring the texture and flippant designs of the daisy petals, that I almost missed the little spider who was making its home in the flower!

And there was the very yellow, cheerful .. snapdragon .. blooming away, as it grew beside a patio door .. that is slated for installation but for now is just resting against the house.  A surprise bit of colour.

I’d scrubbed out the hummingbird feeders .. and enjoy the little show.  4 of them were flitting about the feeder .. taking turns resting atop bamboo stakes ..  and then two of them sat quietly af the feeder,  sipping on the nectar.

Heard the most cheerful chirps of a group of Bushtits .. who came visiting, flitting from one tree to another.  I think they were disappointed in the lack of suet block .. every time I put one out, the darned sparrows attack it .. so I’ve just left up some fat in the feeders.  They like that.  So uplifting, the way that they just swarmed into the yard .. as if to say .. ta da .. we’re here!   And the babies must be in that group!

The cilantro that I planted yesterday is growing well.  Looking forward to harvesting some.

Clipped some green chives, chopped them up and dried them in the oven .. disappointing, the bright green colour faded and the chives were tough.  Methinks these are best fresh.

Haven’t seen the eagles for a while .. they usually fly around 11:30 am .. looking for their lunch.   And I’ve been elsewhere at that time … must try to have a look next week.

There are only a few cherries left on the tree .. I’ll leave them for the birds.  I can only imagine the feasting that has been going on, in the wee small hours, over the past few weeks.  I’ve picked enough for us and am glad that the birds were able to enjoy them also.

Transplanted some raspberry canes around the back and sides .. they fill in some empty spaces.

Nearly done planting most of the potted perennials … sure takes a bit of time to decide the best places for them.  And …. I can always move them later.

Feel quite satisfied with my week’s worth of work.  Next, I plan to seed more lettuce, spinach and edible pea pods .. in a few days.



Why do potato plants have square stems? And other things.

Friday, July 27, 2012

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We are so lucky with the hot sunny weather!

Spent some time bringing a few containers of dried seaweed  outside.. to sit in the sun for a while .. to make sure they are really, really dry!  Otherwise, there could be quite a stench in the house.

Mixed up some EM … watered a few tomato and squash plants.  All are growing nicely.

I have a few little casual sitting in my garden.  Mostly, they are just oversized boulders that I’ve moved from one area of the yard to another.  Perfect for placing in a few little spaces and just relaxing there for a while .. to study the birds and the bees and butterflies playing around the yard.

Sometimes I feel as if I’m not making any progress in the yard .. yet, when I look around me .. I really am amazed at all that I’ve done.  I seem to work best in little blocks of time.  Overwhelming though the work seems to be .. once I get started in a little corner, then I just seem to zone into that special  world of plants and creativity.

So maybe that is where I’m losing the sense of “conscious” time… the place where I make lists and plan and that sort of thing.  I’ve entered that amazing, creative, energizing place where nothing exists except that very positive flow with the magic of the living earth and plants.

I’m easily distracted by the flight of butterflies in my path, hummingbirds zooming overhead.  Chickadees and other birds visiting the trees and chirping their hello’s!

And I am so very glad that we planted those many trees years ago, they are overgrown, but that is the way we like them.   They provide us with shade and lots of oxygen.   Not the least is their gift of fruit, plums, apples and cherries.

But, most of all .. I’m glad they are there .. because they provide shelter for the variety of winged friends who visit.   Lots of safe places for them to hide and build their nests.

There are so many places, properties, where all the old trees and bushes have been removed, to “tidy” up the landscaping.   How barren and how empty.

Spent some lovely time just listening to some relaxing music, quiet time .. chilling out .. watching the every changing skies above.

Relaxing in the sun.

Watching the birds.

Getting some things done.

Yes, I finally planted quite a few perennials that had patiently sat in their pots for many months.

Established some raspberry plants among the perennials.  It’s always nice to munch on a fresh sun warmed berries .. .these will be fruiting next summer.

Spent some time watering some parched plants.

Walked through the berry section .. studied the potato plants .. noticed that their stems are square .. now, why is that?  There must be a specific reason for this .. but I just don’t know what that reason would be .. something else to research, I guess.

Where the potatoes are now flourishing .. well, next year I’ll have a few more rows of raspberries.   And should any potatoes show up … they will be quickly potted up in a big container.  I love potatoes, but they really take up space!

Watching the sweet peas growing .. .waiting for them to flower.

Some tomatoes are increasing in size .. still green though.

A very wonderful day in my garden.



Another day in the garden, moving plants, creating space, watching plants grow

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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So yesterday, Tuesday, was quite a hot and sunny day!   I really made a lot of progress in the yard.  And later, stuffed my little Echo car to the maximum with 3 large garden bags, the paper kind .. stuffed to the gills with cuttings.

I even had two of them in the passenger seat, I love to use every bit of space in my car.  Then, in the back (I have the hatchback version) I stowed one more garden bag, full to the brim, plus 4 large Rubbermaid totes and 4 smaller ones.    I can really pack things into my little car … it is a wonderful vehicle.   Holds almost as much as a small truck.

I love using the car for a garden vehicle, tarps lining the interior, then when all the garden waste is taken to the Saanich yard for composting, I neatly pack everything away and all is back to normal, kind of nice and tidy.

Oh, how I love the spaciousness of the side yard now … and so will work on adding some hardy perennials in the foreground .. and leave lots of space for the cedars to fill out and grow tall.  they are nearly to the top of the fence and with the magical EM mixture, it won’t take them long to grow even higher.

I see that there are a few cedars that will need to be dug up and moved over a little bit.  Plus one Bay tree that will have to be moved, so that it will have lots of space to grow and fill out.

Oh, gardening is so much fun.  Always changes to be done.  Plants to move around.  Trimming to be done.

I find that sometimes I work hard for hours, without stopping and other times are just perfect for dreaming away, planning changes.   A balance it seems.

So yesterday I found myself being swept away in tidying up .. we’ve recently (I use the Royal “we” .. when really I mean DH, ha ha ha) installed new fence panels at one side of the yard .. and so there are lots of old fence boards that need to be sorted and piled up, ready to be reinstalled around the panels of the 3 remaining sides of the fence.

I have no idea how I started that chore, but start I did and spent a few hours sorting, piling, tidying, sweeping .. quite impressive, really.  I am so full of surprises.

Yesterday was a lovely day .. so I’ve posted some pictures taken on Monday.  Showing the “gently shoved aside by the giant Buddleia” cedars.  And the open spaces behind and in front of the cedars.  I’ll post pics in a month and I can only wonder at the growth that will take place as a result of the EM  .. which I definitely will apply tomorrow.

The plentiful raspberry plants are now resting quietly in a large garden pot … I’ve decided to keep them and to establish a few more garden beds.  Fresh raspberries are just plain fun to have in the yard.  Plus, they add lots of greenery.

Oh, it’s been a fun few days in the garden and tomorrow I  plan to start the day in the garden very early and to finish planting the potted plants.  Including Rosemary and Lavender.

Plus, you know, time to relax and study the lay of the land. Dream. Watch the birds.



Oh, clouds, way up in the sky … you teased me into procrastination and won the day!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

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Oh, I was such a little window fighter yesterday!  All gung-ho to plant and not procrastinate.  However, life doesn’t always go the way you plan it!

Started out with:

– mug of Yorkshire tea – check

– Sudoku & pencil – check

– hose connected and water on – check

iPod music playing – check

– several tomes of gardening books to check on plant size – check

camera ready for taking photos of birds/trees .. whatever – check

– beautiful skies above – check  … and here is where I met my downfall and paired up yet again with my ole pal, Procrastination.

Looked up and saw the most beautiful blue skies dotted with puffy clouds and decided to walk around and take some aerial photos.

Somehow ended up by the gigantic yellow globe Buddleia at the side yard.  Hmmm .. this plant has morphed into a giant .. some branches would do best to be trimmed.  So I fetched my clippers and started making a few trims of outstretched growth.

And, a few hours later, I’d pruned the plant down to just one main stem.  Discovered that the rapid growth was gently squeezing the life out of my cedar trees, planted a few years ago.  I say “gently” because the cedars were still bright green, but they were sort of pushed in at the sides.

I trimmed quite a few branches for propagating … oh, just stop me now!  Then I decided to make a mulch out of the balance, so a few hours of trimming the supple branches and leaves .. they might as well be added to the compost, to add to the garden later.

Then I started looking at the Crocosmia plants.   Several people had given me the corms over the years and I’d just planted them here and there in the yard.  Well, I’m not spreading rumours, but, since I’ve added EM to the soil, I’ve noticed that plants have started exploding in growth.  Seriously, I’m not kidding.

Where there were only a few raspberry canes, a few Crocosmia plants last year .. and that was fine .. this year they are bursting out of the ground.  I pulled hundreds of Crocosmia plants out of the ground and the same story with the raspberry canes.   I’ve grown these raspberry plants for years and never, ever, have they grown so abundantly.

And then I noticed the lily plant .. now this one I don’t remember planting, but it appeared last year .. very demure and sweet, about 2 feet tall.   Last night, I looked “up” at this same plant, it’s over 6 feet tall!

I noticed my Mock Orange plant is growing, but all twisty and turny .. so time to move it to a place where it can grow up a bit straighter, with more room.

Where the cedars have been given space to grow, these are lush and taller .. and some of the smaller ones need to be dug up and moved over a bit.

I ripped out all the hundreds of annual flowers, the flowers have bloomed already, but these are taking up too much room.  Darn that EM anyway, ha ha ha.

So, procrastination won out in the end.  I admit defeat yesterday.  But, on the bright side, I tackled a chore that wasn’t even on my list (that is, if I had a list, ha ha ha ).   And I made changes that I wasn’t aware needed to be done.   That is .. clearing away space so my cedars can grow.

That side of the yard feels much more spacious now .. it’s a good feeling.

I was going to post photos, but decided that I’ll show those pics tomorrow.

For today, I just want to share some of the sky pictures that caught my attention in the first place .. and the reason why I succumbed to procrastination.


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Today is a planting day .. no more procrastination!

Monday, July 23, 2012

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Sunday was quite the day .. with the skies changing from overcast, cloudy …to bright and sparkling blue .. decorated with quite a beautiful changing series of amazing clouds.  So I spent some time just admiring the scenery and clicking away.

It was also a lazy day .. we are usually away on the weekends, but the weather wasn’t the best for flying .. so it was stay at home for us.  I don’t mind these types of weekends.  Lots of time to just not rush around .. time to slow down and enjoy.  So we did.

Outside, looking around the yard, amazed at the changes brought about by the addition of the EM to the garden.  Never have the fruit trees bore so much fruit.  I am so very very happy that I took the Organic Master Garden course (Gaia college) .. it totally changed my way of gardening forever.

And the “shifting of paradigms” as noted at the beginning of the course is so true .. my view of gardening has gone in a whole new direction.  I am aware now of the worlds beneath my feet .. the living beings that inhabit the soil and transform it into a healthy growing medium for plants.  Healthy soil = healthy plants.  And as I gaze around my yard I see the proof.

More about that on a later date.  Today I just want to share the joy that I feel as I walk around my garden.

I’ve made enquiries about where to have the bountiful crop of apples transformed into lovely apple cider .. no rush, they won’t be ready for a few months yet .. but I want to be ready!  Last year I’d made jams, baked pies .. but want to try my hand at the cider.   Having not done this before and how fun to sip on cider from the trees.

I’d found sites on making cherry wine from frozen … so might try that … however, I’ve gotten into the habit of using the frozen cherries (from our tree) as ice cubes in summer drinks.   And they taste delicious at the bottom of the glass, plus, vitamin C!

The squash, cucumber and zucchini plants are starting to grow tendrils so I’m trying to find things to use for guides .. tree branches, that sort of thing.

My lovely garlic crop is drying beneath the sundeck.  I spent some time hanging groups of them from nails along the boards …. planning which ones I will save for the fall crop.

Looked at the veggie bed .. planning more garlic rows .. for more garlic.  This time I’ll give the cloves a bit more space for them to grow.  I’d tried growing some in containers, resulted in smaller cloves .. so won’t do that again.

Heavy crop of raspberries and blueberries.  Really enjoy just going outside everyday and picking a basket of them for us.   Memories of days spent on a relative’s farm … hot sunny days, fun times.

The plum trees are fully laden.  We have three types:  Italian (large plump fruits); tiny purple (don’t know the type) and another type of medium purple (again, don’t know type) .. they are all good .. and so I might have these made into something like wine or whatever .. depends on how much fruit makes it to the end of the season.  Plus, this year I’ll spread out tarps to collect the dropping fruit .. easier to clean up.  To avoid the end of the season hornet attacks .. I’ve been picking up all fallen fruit daily and over to the compost they go.

Admiring the green lush growth of the grass .. where the seaweed has dripped … not that I’m into lawn, but, I like to maintain what we have.   Notice that there are fewer dandelions growing throughout ..a sign that the lawn has been receiving nutrients required, the extra vitamin C is no longer required, there is sufficient now, it seems.

There are still perennials to be planted .. I’ve arranged them in the approximate areas where I’d like them to grow … and so today I think .. is the day to do this!

Beautiful sunny day and now I’m on my way.

A – planting – I – will – go!  Goodby – procrastination!  Hello – happy plants in their new places!


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Hip Hip Horray! New leaves are growing from a neglected plant!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

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This year is certainly speeding up.  Seems as if winter and spring stayed with us far longer than they should have.   Summer visits us sporadically and when it does .. well, time to enjoy!

Yesterday was predicted to be cloudy and overcast.  Well, happy to say that it turned out to be sunny and hot!

DH was spending the day doing flying things with his friends so that left me with the day to play in the yard.

So I spent it in a very relaxing, holiday kind of way,  In that I didn’t have an agenda.  I didn’t have a focus.  Just went to the timetable that I used when just a kid on holidays.   Which was, no planning at all!  Just enjoy the day as it unfolded.

Spent some time looking up at the skies and was rewarded with the cheerful posing of one of the Robins that frequent the yard.   Yesterday he posed on the little entryway to the veggie bed.

Then, its been awhile since I’ve been looking for the local eagles, so craned my neck back and there was one of them way up high.  Soaring in all of it’s magnificence and glory … effortlessly gliding through the air .. below a flock of seagulls.  All birds of a feather, as it were, taking advantage of the morning thermals for an enjoyable flight.

I stood looking till they were gone .. lucky to capture tiny shots of the eagle.  Oh, I am so looking forward to a camera with a viewfinder and bigger lens!!

Walked around the yard, looking at my latest efforts, massive weeding results in more sun and light getting to the base of plants.  Next week I’ll order more Magic Mulch (a fine mixture of ground up leaves and tiny branches.   No bark!)   All of the thick layering of oak leaves from last fall’s application has sunk into the ground and more cover is needed.  This mulch is lovely and I only use it in areas where I have decorative perennials, bushes and trees.

For the veggie garden, I use compost, oak leaves, seaweed .. all the good stuff.

Then I decided to tackle the other side of the yard.  The area where I’d originally planned to place my little bistro table and sit outside with a book and a glass of wine!   Terribly overgrown, so out come the clippers and soon more light is pouring through.

Happy to see plants flourishing, especially the Salmon berry, which I’d given up for lost last year.   This berry bush had ended up being just a bare skeleton of dried branches last year, so I was feeling bad about that.  But, it was flourishing despite the crowded conditions, so I’ve decided that these plants are tough and therefore, worthy of being in my yard!

Next, oh, joy!   I had bought 3 bushes from a plant sale.   Neglected them, they dried out and I was not feeling happy about that.  So, EM and water, kept them separate in a shady area for several months.  Last week, I decided to give up any hope of reclaiming them so they were on the list for the compost.

But, yesterday, just for the heck of it, I checked them again and wow .. new leaves coming from the base of one of them!  Did the dance of joy (just kidding) and just had to take pics.  Trimmed away the dead branches and now this little plant is again resting .. awaiting more growth before I plant it!  The other 2 plants .. well, I decided to wait a little bit more, to see if they will also sport new leaves.

Once the clipping was done, time to plant some ferns and also some salal that I’d propagated.   This area has a nice woodsy feeling.   And what a transformation from a few years ago.  One day I’ll post pics of the transformation.

That is what I love most about gardening .. it’s the transformation of areas from neglected areas to places of decadent beauty.    With hardy perennials that don’t need a lot of care.

I’ve recently been leafing through several of my pruning books and have decided that I’m really not the pruning type.  All those rules of what to do, when.  I much prefer plants left mainly to their own growing devices.  Ok, a few clips here and there, but no orderly, tidy plants will exist in my yard.  I much prefer the natural lines and free-flowing sculptures that breathe and live in a relaxed manner.


Watching Birds. Sipping on Yorkshire tea. Enjoying some quiet time. Nice.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

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Friday …. started off as an overcast day .. .which later on morphed into a sunny afternoon!

Spent some time enjoying the antics of the birds cavorting about the skies, in and out of the trees!   Visiting the bird feeders!

The female Downy Woodpecker visited one of the suet blocks .. I wonder if she and hubby had some babies this year?   I haven’t seen any, but they most probably are flying around in the wee hours of the morning so I might not see them for a while.   Still, I enjoy seeing her so close by.

I can hear the tiny Bushtits  .. their cheerful little piping cries sound out from the interior of the trees!   Haven’t seen the Nuthatches but do see the Chickadees flying around.  They are so sweet.

Admiring the growth of the plants, bushes and trees in the yard!!  Spent a good few hours digging away at one side of the yard which had become very weedy.  Found a few more garlic bulbs from a couple of years ago.  Clipped and weeded and soon was rewarded with a tidier bit of yard.   Noticed the raspberry plants have been taking over.  Sigh.  Thought that I’d removed the majority of them last spring!  Well, I’ll just dig them up in a few months and will transplant them into the berry section.

Spent some time looking at the garlic harvest.  Plan to save the largest to plant in the fall.  And have been looking at the garden, thinking of how I can change the layout of this area.   And, not that I’m getting too obsessed or anything .. with garlic ..but am visualizing a slightly larger block of ground for the garlic.  This year I’ll plant them in rows in a more rectangular shaped bed.

I can plant lettuce, tomatoes and potatoes in containers next summer.  This will leave me more room for garlic.   Toying with the idea of ordering a few more varieties from Richter’s herbs.  And this time, I’ll carefull label them.

Noticed the squash, cucumber and zucchini plants are flowering and growing.  I’ll be happy with a few fruits from each . .I’m not greedy.

Picked more cherries and froze them, washed, with stems and pits in them.   After having spent hours pitting them with a single pitter .. I’m done enough.  Saw a great multi-cherry pitter on a blog site a few days ago.   It neatly pits about a cupful of cherries in one go, and the pits are neatly contained in a little square holder.  How decadent!

The highly scented lavender-hued Buddleia is flowering away at the side yard .. this explains the presence of some butterflies .. seen hovering around the yard.   So pretty.  Am sure that I saw a Monarch, all lovely in yellow hues.  And then there is the brownish/black/cream butterfly that has been flitting about.  So pretty.

Enjoying quiet time, sitting on the back steps, in the sunshine.  Mug of Yorkshire tea.  Sudoku.  Relaxing music playing on my iPod.   Watching the birds fly around.  Looking up at the skies.  Seeing planes travel about.  Seagulls soaring by.   Crows with their nasal screeching.

Having a good time.



What I’ve learned about gathering seaweed .. is that, really, you must use it quickly! Or .. just dry it in the sun for later.

Friday, July 20, 2012

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So Thursday was hot and sunny, the whole day .. once the skies warmed up in the early morning.

Perfect day to dry all the seaweed that I’d collected a few days ago.  It was now or never.  So I spent the whole day fluffing and turning and unfolding the sea lettuce, Turkish towel, a few pieces of Iridea and 2 battered pieces of bull kelp.  I knew that there were only a few hours of pure heat before the day started to turn chilly.

This batch was my final collection for the year and so I just had to dry it all.   I’ll use some of it in the compost .. some for bath soaks.   And again, some I will soak in a container of water so that I can water the lawn and garden with it.

I’ve taken a workshop on seaweed, and we learned the importance of gathering seaweed respectfully, how to clip growing leaves and not to rip the seaweed from their growing sources, so that the plants may continue to grow.  Mostly, I take the seaweed that is floating near the shoreline.

I’d collected a variety of seaweed during the late spring and early summer with my friend D.  Such fun outings!   She showed me the “weed” Lambs Quarters and now I know the plant very well and that it contains lots of minerals and is very good for you!  I’ve used it in lasagna, instead of spinach.   And tossed it in salads and in sandwiches!  I do want to go and collect some seeds so that I can grow it in my back yard .. so maybe I can convince her to go to the beach again in a month or so and we can collect the seed.

Hmmmm .. seeing as I’ll be at the beach .. perhaps I can gather more seaweed that is tossed upon the shore .. and dry that for the garden.

I like using the fresh seaweed on my veggies .. but really, I’ve found out the hard way . .that one must use the seaweed right away.   I learned that in the springtime .. when I had left the seaweed filled containers in the yard .. for days and days!  Then when I came to use in the garden .. peeeeyeouwwwwwww.

So, next time, I put some on the garden and the rest I dried in the sun.   And that, really, is the best way that works for me.

Anyway, at the end of the day, yesterday, I’d crumbled as much of the dried seaweed as possible into airtight containers.   Then I dismantled my temporary work area, which consisted of 2 worktables, interspersed with framed lattice panels, propped up on up-ended Rubbermaid containers.

These things provided me with lots of surface area to dry the seaweed and when I was finished, all was put neatly away and it was as if I feng shui-ed the yard .. all was tidy.

DH just lets me be .. he’s wonderful!

So . .yesterday .. was quite a sea-weedy kind of a day.