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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Just a few thoughts on being in my garden today .. no photos ..will post later ……

So …today .. in the later part of the day .. I was able to spend some time in my garden.

My happy place .. where I am so lucky to see the life around me .. the baby birds learning to sing their songs. Patient parents.

Bumble bees and bees .. of all types .. swiftly visiting the flowers of the plants, vegetables and fruit trees in our yard. I thank them for the food that results .. and I am so excited to pick the raspberries and plump peas, that wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the bees. (hey, isn’t that almost a poem, it rhymes, right?)

And the Dragonflies and the Damsels!!

I fastened tall flowering pea plants that needed support. At one point, I was in my home made tunnel that the peas and beans were going to grow up and cover with their vines …and realized that I was so very grateful and happy just to be there. Kneeling on the wood chips from the 100 year old Oak trees (so lucky to have this material in our garden) and creating supports for the beans to grow up.

I am growing a variety of pole beans and am super-impressed with their tenacity. A few of them have been slightly uprooted, I see they are still growing, despite most of the root system having been displaced! So I place more soil around them to keep them in place!

The slight noise of the wind and my ipod music covered the vehicle noise and neighbour noise and I was content. At this moment in time .. there weren’t any wood chippers running, no stinky gas mowers polluting the air! So I counted myself lucky!

Tomorrow I aim to plant more tomatoes, sunflower seedlings, acorn squash and such endless squash seedlings from the compost. It’s a good thing that I love squash, as I think there might be a lot of them growing in the yard.

I have many containers of potatoes, fingers crossed that they will grow well, started off in a few inches of soil and then straw ! Funny thing about potatoes, we try to be so careful in growing them .. and yet .. they self grow all over the yard!

I love this …so silly and yet so true, eh?

Sigh .. it’s been a happy day!