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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.


I proudly marched in the anti-monsanto march in Victoria, B.C.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A lovely rainy day here in Victoria, B.C.  Good for the gardens and wow my garden is growing great!  I’ve been harvesting the scapes even before they are curling around .. so impatient, I know, but the scape keeps on growing, doing its thing .. so I have more to harvest.

My pal D and I went to the big anti-Monsanto march last Saturday .. it was quite important for us to join in this event.  As you can see .. the skies were beautiful ..


Many interesting signs ..



Ok .. this was me .. I was working at our rental and these are my gardening clothes and didn’t have time to change . .although I don’t normally wear a sign!  It was a tiny sign as I drew it up in my car with materials at hand.  It reads:  Grief and More to come, with little drawings of a sunflower, crying and a little bumblee … saying “help me”


Of course .. lots of darling little dogs attended the event.


Shades of Avatar …

12 11

We marched along … all together .. a peaceable group …


.. along the Inner Harbour, past the Empress ..

Interesting that it was a “no news” event .. yet see here .. lots of people




True .. it’s not nice …



And back at the Parliament Buildings

05 04


02There were many people there .. hopefully many more people will learn about the evil of genetically modified seeds.. the harm that is done to the environment, the crops, the people …..


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OMG .. I’m going to start blogging again tomorrow .. lots of photos of skies, flowers, animals and also some of the March against Monsanto

Well, I was all excited and was writing away when suddenly I somehow hit a combination of keys and lost my train of thought!  choo choo train.

Anyway, I was rhapsodizing on the end of the 4 month session of yard transformation that my DH have been working on since February.

Days, weeks, months of fixing up our rental .. the house was fine but the yard was a jungle.  So we rolled up our sleeves, began the daunting task of transformation.  And now the hard work has paid off and honestly, the yard looks like House and Garden.   Grass is growing, tall perennials (cedars, myrtles, Pyracantha’s, plus a myriad of other plants).

DH has constructed a lovely sidewalk, a retaining wall, edged with white fencing and  cement stairs that lead to the grassy area.  It’s a paradise of relaxation.  I’ll post some pics.

But as everyone who has ever done this sort of thing knows full well, it doesn’t happen easily. Lots of  hard physical work, we fetched trailer after trailer of sand, navvy jack, cement, wood, you name it.  Every day we were working hard, digging, shovelling, painting.

And as of today … just a few more things to do .. and we are done, fini …

So I will have the time now to work in our own garden (oh, wow, there is so much garlic, you wouldn’t believe!) and I can post pics of potatoes that I’m growing in sacks.

So much to share and I’m looking forward to the extreme pleasure of sitting at my computer and just “talking” away!  I’ll even bring my laptop outside.  This year I purchased a new one, by golly!  So my $85 HP can take a little rest.

I have magnificent photos of skies … to share.

Anyway, must go .. finishing details and all that .. and tomorrow I’ll start blogging.

Oh, one more thing .. my pal D and I were in the May 25, Victoria, BC March against Monsanto!!!    I took a few hours away from the work at our rental to participate in this momentous activity.  Lots of people there .. and the Blue Man from Avatar was there also ..took some pics of him.

🙂  happy days to all ….


It helps to know what kind of a person you are! Especially with procrastination.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

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Nearing the end of October already!  Fall is here.  And brought with it the rains. But .. there are still sunny breaks now and then.   And the weather reports show that Thursday is to be a sunny day .. so guess I’ll be going outside to plant.

Yes, plant.  For I have again succumbed to the plant sales and purchased yet more and more perennials!   Some magnificent plants and way cheaper than wholesale!     And I need to get them dug into the ground before the frosts arrive .. so I think I have a few weeks yet.  Is that procrastination?  I think so.

Our yard is starting to look like a little park, but not the kind with clipped grass.    Instead, the kind that you wander around, seeing a mixture of plant types all growing well together.  Both the taller screening plants and the mid to low-level bushes and ground covers.  A relaxing, comfortable place to be.

I’m starting the Ecological Landscaping course in 2 weeks and I just know that I’ll be learning how to properly space plants and also what to plant where.   So I might be moving a lot of these plants around next spring.  Or not.  Depends.  That gives me leeway for more procrastination, eh?

Right now I’m in blissful ignorance of all that future learning.  I do, however, look at the plant labels to see if they have preferences for sun or shade, so that is good.

I refilled the bird feeders and happy to see the Juncos’ returning.   Or maybe they’ve been here all summer and I’ve just missed them.   I make sure that I buy good bird seed suet for them.  I just can’t bring myself to use the Miracle Grow Scott brand, as they had put poison in their bird seed a few years ago (so that vermin wouldn’t eat the seed).  I was so upset, that I called the company and when I checked the coding of the packages that I had, I found out that this batch was fine.  However, this has clouded my vision of their product and so I now use other brands.

We consumers trust a lot, don’t we?   Is that trust misguided?  Shouldn’t we check the products that we buy to ensure that there is nothing harmful in them?  GMO‘s (they are voting in California, Proposition 37, to create a law that requires that GMO’s be listed on food labels:

But there is good news on that link also, about Johnson & Johnson (their  many products are listed) will  remove dangerous chemicals like formaldehyde-releasers and triclosan. Johnson & Johnson is the first major personal care products manufacturer to take such an important action in favor of its customers’ safety.

Now .. isn’t that good news!!

Things are slowly changing for the better, it only takes the Power of One and then progress happens.

But enough about that .. I just started out chatting about my garden and procrastination and whew .. I went off on another path!

So during the past few days, I’m walking through my garden ..looking at the recent plant purchases, playing around with where to dig them in for the winter.  I can always move them, right.   Now that I’m armed with the amazing EM (effective microorganisms) I feel that I have magic for the plants.  And I do.  I’ve mixed up a batch of 16 litres (8 – 2 litre plastic milk containers).  Started 3 days ago .. and have them all covered with a towel and sitting on my plant propagating sheet, which I plug-in for an hour or so a day.  I think this batch will be ready in a few weeks.    It mixes up quicker in the warm summer.

I  noticed that the sweet peas have grown to be quite tall, nearly 7 feet!  And producing a great quantity of seed pods, which I’m collecting when they are ready.  I’ve already planted some for the spring …my gardening neighbour gave me lots to plant in the fall.  So I’m looking forward to a veritable of forest of flowers in the spring.

I’ve procrastinated about planting, about gathering, about many things this year.  But the most obvious sign of this habit was noticed by me yesterday.  When I looked at the container of garlic seeds and little garlic buds (from the hardnecks) that I’d placed “just for now” in a container outside.

With all the recent rains, the seeds have started to sprout!!!  Now, I can’t just leave them there …you know that I have to plant them!  I know that these seeds will take years to produce cloves, so here goes, I’ll be putting them into those lovely styrofoam rooting flats and let them grow till next spring.   Then I’ll decide if I’ll actually plant them up in beds or pots or whatever.  sigh.

Well, that’s enough rambling for now .. time to get going with this day.