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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Out for a walk … and I saw some lovely dogs!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

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It’s been a busy and fun time in my life during the past few days.

Besides focusing on decluttering, I’ve gone for a lovely walk to the Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary.   Participated in our first field trip in the Ecological Landscaping course.  Enjoyed seeing (and talking with!) some sweet dogs.  And other daily things.

I had decided to go shopping and combine this with a walk a few days ago.  Made up a list and even remembered to bring it with me!  Enjoyed the calming beauty and tranquility of the Sanctuary.   Not many Mallards out .. nor seagulls .. guessed that might translate into the close proximity of the local eagles .. even if I couldn’t see them.

Continued on to the shops .. chose my purchases .. reached into my bag and .. oh, no wallet.  Great time to remember that I’d changed purses the day before and neglected to transfer my wallet into this bag!  Oh well .. I returned home, to fetch that and enjoyed the long walk anyway.

Noticed a flock of Canada Geese visiting our neighborhood .. this was a first.   They have been displaced from their usual field across the street.  That place that is becoming a mini-city block of ugly highrises that none of us wanted.   So now they have to find a new area to rest up before they begin their long flight south for the winter.

I know many people don’t want the geese in their golf courses and fields.   I admire their beautiful markings, their proud stance and their innocent lives.  They are nature.   I wish them well on their long flight and knowing that they mate for life, I also wish them good safe flights.

I’ve been lucky enough to meet with dogs as I go my way walking in the neighbourhood and along the beaches.  There was Hunter, the big gold lab that I saw yesterday .. I approached him gently, after asking his doggie mom if I could pet him .. and so I gently stroked his head and down his back and added that special little massage at his back, above the tail.  He really liked that.  And his owner sincerely expressed surprise that he allowed me to do that, as he really didn’t let people approach him.  She was serious about that .. so I felt honoured and mentioned that I really miss my dogs .. and she said that Hunter must have sensed that.

Then there was little Misha, sweet with her little pink collar and leash.  She looked up at me so trustingly and smiled …. what a darling.

And Rocky and Alex .. the handsome English Bulldogs that I met in our neighbourhood … very gentle and patient dogs!
Lucky me to have met these wonderful happy beings!

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Shopping in the Fisgard Street district, kind comments .. and I’ve started my Ecological Landscaping Course .. new doors are opening for me.

Friday, November 2, 2012

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So here are a few more pictures from Monday .. the day that D &  I wandered around the Fisgard Street shopping district in Victoria .. along the waterfront.  We rediscovered old shops, new shops, alleyways nicely inhabited by funky little stores.  And then, Capital Iron.  I love this store … you can buy everything (except the kitchen sink .. but .. perhaps they do and I missed that).

The rustic atmosphere is not contrived’s real!  No pseudo antiquing of the exterior walls .. how wonderful this is.

After spending some fun time purchasing plants, cramming them into the car, it was time to visit a local health food store.  It opened up last year, I think.  The dream of 2 very hard-working young women … here is their website for lots of information on their story:

I wish them every success … as it was such a fun experience shopping there.   The bright colourful signage and paintings on the walls were very cheerful.  I don’t know what occupied the building previous, this is the first time that I’d been inside.   Slight slopes led shoppers to areas that held dried spices and herbs, lovingly contained in large jars .. no plastic here.

And there was an upper cafe seating also I noticed .. .quite ample seating.  While below there was a smaller version of this.  It was my first visit here .. and the atmosphere was quite relaxing so I plan to shop here again.  Plus, parking is available outside, so that is a plus!

Anyway .. that was a fun day.

I’ve taken all the plants to the back yard.  The same plants that I bought 50% off at Capital Iron, then stuffed (carefully) into my little Echo .. taken home and now awaiting potting up into large containers!

Well, I’ve actively started on that chore .. began yesterday afternoon .. when there was a moment in time when the rains stopped .. the sun shone through.  And .. wonder of wonders .. the cessation of construction noise.

Gardening bliss.

I’ve started my Ecological Landscaping course (Gaia College course .. held at Royal Roads University)  and our first 3 hour session dealt with the history of garden design through the ages.  Very interesting .. lots to learn.  I’ll be creating another series of hole-punched lined index cards, to begin my little library of terminology and plant design ideas.

Tomorrow we go on our first field trip .. to wander around the Fairfield area …. and find out more information on what to do and what to look out for in garden design.  We are all bringing our cameras so as to capture these ideas for discussion.

The class is a nice size, 11 of us.  So happy to see some familiar faces!  Two young ladies from the Spring session of the Organic Master Gardening course!

And you know … how little things are the most precious gifts beyond measure when they are sincere?

Well, our instructor asked us to introduce ourselves and to say something that made us happy that day!

One of these young ladies said something that made me happy!

She told that class that when she walked in the doorway of the classroom and saw me sitting there .. that made her happy!   Wow.    I am glad that I decided to take this course now!

It is so lovely to be appreciated, I cannot tell you.

Maybe that is what is missing in our day-to-day lives … a few words of acknowledgement to each other.  Random acts of kindness.

Long may they reign.

PS   If we pass these acts along – I just know that we will add joy to the lives of others.  They might not acknowledge this on the surface, but inside, I know it will make a huge difference.

Go on … do it!!    See what happens!

Tomorrow I’ll share with you my newly purchased landscaping design tools.

I think that having to make drawings, in ink … will push me through that creative door that has been cemented shut in my mind all my life.  All my life I’ve been gathering art books – how to draw, how to paint … with acrylics and watercolours.  Special papers. I’ve even taken a few art classes.   But still, that door won’t budge open.

I think that this Ecological Landscaping course will blow that cement away.  And I’m scared and excited at what I will find through that doorway.  I have a feeling that this will unleash my Inner Artist .. where no books or art classes have succeeded.

Up … Up .. And … Away!