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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.


So Yesterday Was My Birthday!

It was a lovely sunny September Monday .. and DH surprised me with a flight on my Birthday!  What a fun way to spend the day.  While he was preparing the plane and doing all the necessary things that need to be done on a pre-flight inspection, I was able to just wander around, looking up at the sky and then down at the ground.  Interesting things to see everywhere.

Here is one of those lovely little periwinkle blue flowers .. don’t know the name, but they are everywhere and are just so pretty.t01And the versatile and under-appreciated dandelion!  Good for medicinal purposes,  dying fabric, culinary and, again, just plain pretty.  Remember putting a dandelion beneath someone’s chin, as a child, to see if it reflects and if it does, you like butter?


One of the potted plants at Dakota Cafe, I’d planted this one a year ago, now it has spread, is still velvety soft and there are dainty yellow flowers gracefully growing throughout.  I will propagate this beauty.  Hardy succulents are perfect for the hot summers and don’t need much care at all.  t03

Anyway, up up and away and soon we approached the Qualicum Airport.  t05

Qualicum is a lovely airport, it has a terrific restaurant with delicious food, friendly staff.  And the location makes it easy for a little walk to town – we’ve done that a few times.   There are always interesting planes visiting there and we do get a chance to chat with a variety of pilots.t14

After lunch, time to head back to Victoria … I like these chairs, casually arranged on the other side of the runway, behind the fence.   There is a trail over there and I can just imagine people taking a break, relaxing and watching the planes arrive and depart.t12

Here is a racetrack up by Duncan, looks like fun and a great track.  t09

All too soon .. we are back to Victoria ….I love flying and the toughest part is landing when I would really prefer to be up in the air!t08

I indulged in a fair bit of sky watching .. these formations look like Greyhounds, bounding through the skies!t13

This reminds me of an ice-cream sundae  .. yum, yum!  Or perhaps peas in a pod?t11

Such a variety of skies yesterday.. and they were always happy skies ….at one point, I watched a pair of Turkey Vultures, calmly, majestically following gentle thermals that wafted through the skies … I didn’t try to take any photos, they would only have looked like little dots in the sky.  So I just enjoyed their beautiful flying.


So, thoughts on my birthday.  I always feel as if each one is the start of a fresh new year for me.  Just like New Years Day.

I’m infinitely grateful and in my heart I always give thanks to my Mother for giving me this life.

No matter my age, I consistently feel like a kid .. always looking forward to whatever life offers to me and it offers quite a lot.

I am grateful for my many and varied interests and happy that I can get quite enthused about so many things.

Sometimes I make promises that I don’t keep but they are fun to make and always give me a sense of purpose.

Promises like:

  • I will do some housework every day
  • I will clear up my desk (yet again)
  • I will try to go to bed earlier so I can get up earlier so I can do more things .. sigh
  • I will watch  my diet better (oh, yeah!)
  • I will finish some projects begun a long time ago

Things like that.  I feel extremely virtuous when I strive to fulfill these promises and when I do keep some of them, well, that is like the icing on the cake.

Speaking of cake, my DH surprised with a delicious chocolate birthday cake, complete with flowers and my name and sang me Happy Birthday .. a complete surprise!

I am so very lucky!

Anyway, just a few reasons why I like birthdays so much.

And on with this day!


Oh my where has the time gone and I’ve been having fun and now it is the eve of my 65th Birthday!!

Well .. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again and will repeat “where does the time fly to anyway”?

Back in March I thought I’d take a few days away from blogging and then things started happening, days passed, I missed my blogging terribly.

This is really my precious time .. when I can let my fingers fly across the keyboard and let my mind wander and dream and think and reminisce over the day and weeks gone by.  Decadent time .. akin to indulging in a sinfully rich chocolate cake.

I really do miss this .. and so I will continue.

And share that today is my eve of my 65th birthday!  Every birthday is wonderful and I think of each celebration as a new year in my life.  I am so lucky I know.  And I am so happy .. so I thought I would share some photos of things that bring me joy in my garden!    This is a tiny little tomato .. how sweet ….



More tomatoes ripening on the vine … I usually don’t have great success with tomatoes but with the heat of the summer plus some organic molasses mixed into the EM that I watered the veggies with .. I seem to have been having a decent crop of tomatoes.P1070553



One of the many things I’ve been involved in doing this summer is creating glass garden totems . .here is one, beside the “sump pump” fountain (to drown out construction noise) .. I’ll blog more about my totems with lots of pics .. at a later date.


Scarlet Red Runner Beans.  Now, being a gardener and loving things that grow and attract  bees and hummingbirds .. why on earth did I only clue into these lovely beans this year?  I vow to always plant these beans for these most exquisite beings .. the happiness from seeing them visiting the flowers knows no bounds!  I’ll post pics later on, for I do have them.P1070571

The power of EM (effective microorganisms) knows no bounds.  Here is a potted up Bay tree .. I’d dug it up from one area of the yard and then just left it in a pot for a few months.  And so it seemed to have not survived .. until I watered it liberally with EM and look at this vigorous new growth.  Oh, I am so happy.   I’ll have to cut away the part that isn’t thriving but that is for another day.


Baby Scarlet Red Runner Beans .. along with the joy and excitement of veggies growing in my garden is the fact that I now have a marvellous new camera!  I bought it in the early summer .. the Swallowtail butterflies were visiting the Buddleia and I so wanted to get some good photos (I’ll share them later).  I splurged on a Panasonic LUMIX DMC-ZS40 30X Super Zoom camera … love learning about it as I go along.P1070586

Squash growing in the garden … from the compost!  Outgrowing the beans I planted in this section.  The random beauty of the squash, the squash flower and the clematis caught my eye ..P1070595

ahhhh … sometimes I’ve been forgetting to look up .. at the sky art ….what I would have missed!



I’ve been growing tri-coloured beans in pots, they have been growing quite well.  As my pal D notes … the purple beans turn green when cooked.  Eye candy to a gardener, eh?P1070610


Clever birds know where the food source is .. as I discovered when I noticed the empty sunflower seed heads!





Oh the delight of the Bush-tits as they joyfully swarm around the yard … cheerfully chatting away as they nibble at the suet …P1080362


This smartly capped Chickadee was nestled onto a bamboo length and I discovered too late that he was chatting away to another Chickadee which was only about a foot away from me when I clicked this photo!  Oh, they must have chuckled over that, when I realized this too late and missed the close up photo.P1080399


Oh, the magic of a garden .. to witness up close the amazing power of a plant to grow from a single seed …into the rampant elegance of, say, this squash plant.


The scarlett red runner beans were growing merrily up the tripod of stakes and the sunchokes were just as tall .. they tower above me and I’m guessing they are about 15 + feet in height!  What wonderful privacy plants they are, don’t you think???P1080426


Scarlet flowers and tiny beans .. oh, Red Runner Beans you are so amazing!  Alongside this Peppermint stick grass (I love this plant too!!)





Buddleia still flowering away .. butterflies and the Anna’s love them.





A circle of sunflowers .. thanks to the birds who scattered the seeds …


Up close …





Some of the peas that the sparrows had been feasting on .. I dug them up and planted them in containers .. see how strongly they grow?  Peas are not fragile little plants, bless ’em!




Surprise red strawberries .. these caught my eye when I was looking at the little squash.



Well .. there you have it!

I’ve re-entered the world of blogging and have so very much to share and talk about.

For now though .. I just wanted to share some of the very many things that bring me joy.

And to share that I’m celebrating another Happy Birthday!