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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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It’s a Beautiful Day in a Beautiful Summer

It is a beautiful sunny day here and time is just flying by!  Literally!

Unless I get up at 5 am (not happening) I seem to take “forever” to do my household chores before I can run outside!    I think life would be simpler living in a minimalist manner.  Looking around at all my “stuff” which I simply cannot live without .. I wonder what life would be like.

Having read many articles on minimalist living I find there is an attraction.

Life is simpler and energizing.  Having uncluttered over and over and over again .. I do enjoy the feeling of empty space in my living area.

However, ahem .. having just come from my craft room .. I think it is easier said than done.

There are my watercolour and acrylics, paints, books, pens, brushes.  I do have fun from time to time playing around with that.

There is my huge glass collection.  I’d spend untold shopping trips rounding up glass items that attracted me.   Then I made way too many glass totems .. sold some of them.  Vowed I’d stop that and I even had everything boxed up, set aside, waiting either to have a garage sale or take them to a thrift shop.   Then someone admired them and bought quite a number of them.


So I went shopping again.  What is with me.  I love creating them and do love how everything comes together.  Plus I’ve been playing around with my beads and making glass garden bling.   And faerie decorations.  What am I going to do with them?   I’ll work on that.  Weekend craft shows are out due to our life style.

I think I will just decide not to decide right now.  There, that feels better.

Anyway … I’ve been having a wonderful summer .. enjoying the magic of peas, beans, squash seeds morphing from a single seed to the most amazing plants.  I’ve been taking so many pictures and will post them.

There .. that’s another thing!  I love writing away…. letting my thoughts flow .. my fingers flying across the keyboards.  Except, there is this time thing … time to spend in the garden, time to fly with my DH up in the skies ..time spent all day and evening being busy, creative, and somehow I really miss this time when I just relax at the keyboards and enjoy the words appearing on the screen.  Decadent time to fly away and chatter on and on in a away that gives me energy and gratefulness for my life.

Well .. its’ time for me to run along and get some shopping done and then I can run outside and play in the yard.  I’m creating a lot of changes in the yard.  Bought 4 huge Yew trees and in the process have been digging up a side garden and creating a nice privacy area for our yard.

Sure takes a long of energy though.   Creative energy.  You know the kind .. where you wander outside, knowing there have to be changes made .. unsure where to start.   Then the first step …. moving potted plants .. digging up plants, creating space for other plants.

The second day things get better.  The third day .. things are taking shape.  Ideas are happening.  Joy builds up in the air and there is that “aha” moment … where I really do feel that what is happening in the reshifting of the soil and plants is going along nicely.

Now the fourth day .. I will go outside in a few hours and just spend a little time … dreaming, moving plants, shifting compost (oh, lovely rich compost that I just sifted out a few days ago).

But for now .. off I go!

And here is a photo that I took in June … it’s how I feel right now …happy !


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Music has great power if only we can listen

Much has been written about the power of music to help plants grow.  Studies have been done to prove the energy levels.  I know that constant heavy noise has a negative effect. Why do you think the birds will fly away to a quieter place?

I feed the birds and they flock around (excuse the pun!).

And I play music.  Not live, cause my fiddle playing would make the construction noise sound beautiful.

I charge up my little iPods with all sorts of world music, including music for plants. 

Here is a good site for more information on music & plants:

I’ve been busy with my plants, enjoying the “winter sowing summer seeds” in my little milk jug terrariums .. even the lavender has been sprouting!  I planted them on February 14/14 .. I’d tried growing them in previous years, but no joy .. look at this!


Enjoy ..

I’m away to the garden and will add photos later.


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Beach walks, natural beauty, power of the waves and … I saw Jupiter last night!!


January 22, 2013

One day last week, my pal D and I embarked on another adventurous day .. our list of activities included visiting some local thrift shops and then go to the beach to gather seaweed.  The skies were a little overcast in the morning and later broke out into beautiful blues and whites:

03Unique bus stop bench and planters .. how suitable for this lovely little town.


As we began our walk along the pathway by the beach .. we saw some of the found items that had been lost by previous walkers.    Can you picture the scenario for the glove and toy?   Busy parent with active child and thus these things tumble and fall.   I hope the little phone toy is claimed .. looks like a favourite toy.


The tides were starting to come in, the waves rolled in and crashed against the rocks.


Splish .. splash … and jump out of the way!


Later D noticed that this scenario looked Egyptian.   And sure enough ..see the camel in the foreground and the pyramids in the background:


The tides follow their own rhythm .. can you imagine the immense power of the water .. causing the rolling waves to advance and recede.  Humbling.


Beautiful ..  natural  … beach art …honest and true.10

Oh, Nature .. you are the best artist that there could ever be.   Nothing contrived or planned.   09

And again, the power of the water to shift these huge logs, tossing them randomly along the beach.  Creating places to sit and relax, enjoying the beauty of these surroundings.  Peaceful and yet invigorating.08

Such a vista .. no words needed to explain why so many people want to live there.  Unfortunately, forested areas have been cleared away to build huge box like buildings.  That is truly sad.07

D found this artistic display of stones .. dried seaweed roots that had grown on these rocks resulted in a lovely arrangement, created by another admirer of beauty.06

And just a few seconds later, a very splashy wave struck against a rock and deflected on D … she was slightly soaked and we both flew up the side of the rocky wall.  Didn’t know we could move so fast.05

Sigh …. 04

So we collected some lovely seaweed that was piled on the beach .. perfect time to gather this miracle material for the garden!

It was a day.  And .. another day I’ll share what I bought at the shops.  Lovely things for the house and great tools for the garden!


p.s. .. looked up in the sky early evening yesterday and noticed a round light coloured shape kind of near the moon.  This is the best photo I could take (sob).  I e-mailed the Dominion Observatory (just outside of town) and learned that this is Jupiter!   And that it will be seen tonight, but the moon won’t be as close.  Photographers with really good cameras will take much better photos … so I will search for some.  See .. it pays to look up at the sky!  I spent some time setting up our telescope (have you ever tried to look at something far away with one of these things? .. very challenging).