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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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Oh what a lovely summer it has been !! Lots of beauty, fun, magic in the garden and I feel so very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gosh .. I haven’t blogged for awhile!  On the computer anyway.   I’ve been blogging a lot in my head but somehow that didn’t carry over to the computer.  For now, that is.  I am positive that in the very near future (if not now) this can be done.   Sending thoughts as electrical impulses  and in a nano second, the words appear on a screen.

Funny, I remember “way back” in high school, I created a few newsletters and in one of them, I predicted that in the future, clothes would be available in a tin can!  And I believe that this is now passe.

Anyway.  This summer has been a very busy one and it really flew right by, day after day after day!  So much happened and I was so very fortunate to have met so many interesting people and to have seen so many beautiful things.

I’ll start off with the VERY MOST IMPORTANT!!

This would be up in Port Alberni .. where I met Kevin, who was creating a Totem that will be moved up to Alert Bay next week!!!

I saw the totem from the beginning .. when Kevin had finished graphing out the Totem, had applied the measurements and markings to the Ancient Red Cedar (between 600 and 700 years old!!!)  I was chatting away with him, and then when I drove away .. I thought “OMG .. I JUST SAW A TOTEM POLE BEING CREATED”  This was a very powerful experience.

I asked for permission to take photos and then I happily clicked away.   This photo is from a few weeks later .. the Totem is taking shape.  I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.Oct 29 - 1

Oct 29 - 4

Oct 29 - 2

Oct 29 - 3


Oct 29 - 10 (2)

Oct 29 - 11

Oct 29 - 8

Oct 29 - 9


Oct 29 - 7

Oct 29 - 6

Over the summer, every time that we went to Port Alberni, I would visit Kevin and the Totem.  I didn’t take a photo of the last visit.   At this point the Totem was nearing the finish and it felt alive and vibrant.  I felt honoured to be so close.

Over the summer, many people stopped by to watch and talk with Kevin .. learning about his culture and the Totem.   I wish I was there right now so that I could visit again and see how the Totem looks .. the carving details nearly done .. the whitewash, red and black paint applied.


Anyway .. on to the everyday activities.

Here is darling little JaneE Kat …waiting for more treats .. I love her.

Oct 29 - 15

Lovely Mexican Orange .. beautifully blooming away this week!Oct 29 - 19

Roses blooming away, delicate rose perfume ..Oct 29 - 18

Our neighbours are from the Ukraine and Mira gave me tons of tomato seedlings!  This one is a genuine Ukraine tomato that you cannot find in Canada!  I am so lucky!  It matures into a sort of heart shape, with lines and ripens to a delicious red.  I placed this one on the kitchen table and it did ripen and tasted delicious in a salad.

Oct 29 - 14

The Scarlet Red Runners are abundant .. I’m leaving these to mature as beans (because they are way to high to reach and have gone beyond the stage where I can chop them up in a salad!Oct 29 - 17

This photo is a little blurry, but I saw this little Junko up in Port in September and was so happy to see the return of the Junko’s for the winter!  Not a bad photo, considering I was in the motorhome and quickly grabbed my camera and aimed it out the window, the Junko was about 10 feet away.Oct 29 - 13

More recently (last Thursday!!)  my pal D and I went to Sooke to gather seaweed for our respective gardens!Oct 29 - 16

Lots of seaweed .. we took just a little bit.Oct 19 - 16a

I have always loved Faeries … here is one in my garden .. seemingly stepping from one tree to another … as Faeries are wont to do, don’t you know?Oct 29 - 21

And here is another one .. resting on a water bath .. contemplating … whatever it is that Faeries contemplate on.Oct 29 - 20

It’s been a lovely time … and I’ll share lots more in the days ahead.

I’m continuing to enjoy my Daily Life .. between my singing lessons, practising my fiddle, focusing on my German lessons, daily Yoga breathing and exercising.

Happily .. till next time!!




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More pics from the Victoria Gem & Mineral Show at the Pearkes Arena

I have always loved beads and anything that sparkles .. .DH has always said that I must have been a crow in a former life .. that might be true!

The show started on Friday and is on till today .. although I would like to go back, I think it best if I don’t …I made some excellent purchases on Friday and have enough (not really, but … ).   Anyway, I sure had some interesting discussions with some of the artists and surprised myself with the quantity of photos that I took.

So here are some to share (and there are more for tomorrow!)

This young lady sells a variety of items, which include cabochons, created by her father in Mexico .. I really like her earthy display< and I had purchased a few items from her:


Here is a closer view:




Amazing variety … so many that I just did not know which one I would buy .. so many to choose from.  (her Etsy name is in the photo above, if you would like to search for her products).


Aren’t these just so very delightful!  This is the “Earth Meets Spirit” table – the artist was so very helpful and she actually weaves these delicate designs out of polymer clay!  Incredibly beautiful.



And this sculpture from her table was fantastic!


Here is another view:  She made this octopus for her mother .. isn’t it just amazing .. and I hadn’t noticed till now that she incorporated beautiful seashells into the design.


I bought an assortment of pieces of minerals & petrified wood from her and she very kindly gave me an extra piece – so I will enjoy making my purchases into jewellery for myself!   I love meeting kind people .. such good energy.


This table was interesting … The vendor explained to me that the seeds have a variety of lines on them .. beginning with just a few .. all the way up to (I think) 20 plus lines.  The more lines, the more value or energy, I believe.  The couple are from Vancouver and his wife creates the jewellery (if one can call this jewellery, I’m not sure).   And when his lovely wife returned to the table I said (can you believe this) so this is the wife then.  OMG .. I do not speak like that.  Not surprised that she didn’t hang around to chat.  Was I channeling someone from back East?  Another argh moment in my life.


The vendor artfully arranged everything so I could take a photo .. he was so sweet! is their website for more items.225

I had a learning visit with this artist .. her card shows a website which has been replaced with “” if you care to visit and see more.


See the beautiful rock in the centre, the one with many layers and has a rose tint?


It is a Fireworks obsidion- from looking at the outside, would you have guessed the amazing beauty within?  (like people, right!)


We had an interesting discussion about sculpting, how to look at things, ideas.  It was very fun.  By now my creative mind is twirling with possibilities!  Power surge.

Now this vendor, Alex Kuznetson was a real gem!  I purchased some fossilized items, he carefully wrote the name down of each type, wrapped them individually and put them all together into  a paper shopping bag for me.  He treated me like a customer who spent many hundreds of dollars, yet my purchases were meagre.   I really liked this interesting and elegant guy … he was so sharing of information to myself and another shopper!

Anyway, I will just list the photos that I took of his tables .. enjoy …











So I still have more photos for tomorrow!

It feels so energizing to blog again …I’ve missed it and the joy it brings to me when I just let my thought go for a flight.   Although I’ve loved to write since I was a kid, it’s been like a decadent pleasure that I haven’t always allowed myself to experience.

A friend and I took a writing course years ago, no procrastination, participants had to sit around a big round table and write something.  We had 30 minutes.   I was scared and excited about the actual writing.  Wow, I thought … I’m actually going to write something for real, no putting the activity away for another day.

I have the story with me somewhere in my writing supplies.. it was about a couple of young kids fleeing something at a circus.  As I wrote, I was there, it was a captivating experience and I totally loved being there.

The instructor told us that writing bring out the answers to questions we have in our lives.  It is all there .. we just have to write, write and write some more.  How rich is that!  The treasures within.

I have many more things to write about .. my love of music and learning how to properly play the violin, my attempts at art, my love of creating funky jewellery with wire and beads, my soap making ventures.   Creating via sewing.  So many interests enrich my life.

Anyway, here it is .. a sunny Sunday morning and time to get on with this day.