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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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A lovely long walk on a sunny day! Saw some planes along the way. And I made some earrings too!

Last Saturday was a lovely sunny day and so I decided to walk downtown .. I was looking forward to an earring workshop at the most lovely Bamboo, Bead and Bling shop downtown on Fisgard Street.  Normally I drive there but .. I really do love long walks so I decided to do that and proceeded happily on the Galloping Goose Trail.  Here is a section of it, closer to downtown.  Lots of shrubbery for the birds to hide in!a02

This section is parallel to Douglas Street, behind the Red Lion.  I love this stately portion of the trail . .these trees were planted many years ago.  When I worked downtown and biked to work . .this area was one of my favourites.  When the trees are in full leaf, it is a nice shady section and feels so European with all the greenery.

This is near the Burnside area of town .. there are paths that lead to neighbourhoods.  More brush for the birds.  There weren’t many people walking here in the early afternoon.a14Paths are so interesting .. leading to areas unknown, adventures …mystery ..


Just had to stop and admire the play of light and shadow on these young Arbutus trees .. warm and cheerful on this sunny day ..lots of leaf mulch on the ground.a11Nests can be seen, hidden away in the trees.  So much work was done to create these little havens for the spring-time babies.  a09Lovely surprises tucked away up high …when the leaves emerge in the spring, who would ever suspect that this nest is there ..a07

I often wondered, who is this man “Tom Arkell” and why was this side trail named after him??  Well, I discovered that he was an amazing man who worked hard for his community and here is one link that shares some information about him:  Tom Arkell


And along that lovely trail flows a stream of water .. curious as to the name of the stream, I discovered information on  Cecilia Ravine .. (my middle name so this appeals to me!) a13

And a reminder, in all this marvellous beauty that is Victoria .. the waterways are work places for many.  See the high-rises in the background.  It is a growing city.  Vital, beautiful and welcoming to all!  a06

The Selkirk waterway … lots of activity.  Looking forward to those funky ferry boats that will soon be here.  So much fun to take a little ferry around the harbour and up the Gorge Waterway.   This is one of the boarding places.  We’ve taken the ferry to the Flying Otter and you can also stop near the Spinnaker Brew Pub.  Great food and the beer .. what can I say!!  Yum! a10

This is nearing the downtown area .. lovely native plants all nestled in at the base of these rocks.  Beautiful.  a05Benches provide a place to stop and rest.  Admire the view.  Sip on a delicious coffee from one of the nearby cafes.  Relax. a04

A tribute to one of our Best!  This is near the Burnside section.   a15

Up above …gentle sky-art that graced our city .. how lovely is this.  a03

On my way home .. looking up .. what did I see!  Two Nanchang airplanes setting out to play .. that was a treat.  I think there are at least 4 now … so impressive to see the group in formation and I count myself lucky when I see them.   Nanchang


So I had a most lovely 2 hour walk on that day.   Blue skies.  Some birds.  Peace and quiet.  Saw some planes.  And I made some earrings!!  Not a bad day at all.    This is what I made at the workshop:  a20

And I liked them so much that I just had to make a few more pairs when I got home!  a21

And these!   a23I haven’t worn earrings for years but now that is going to change!  Lovely sparkly bling to accompany me on my walks!

Another fun day in my life!


Friday, January 31, 2014

A few days ago .. the day started off overcast and a bit gloomy .. but see what happened in the afternoon!!


Our exercise group walked briskly along the Songhees .. here you can see some of the many floating homes that are located in this area.  A nice tidy life .. and many of them have beautiful potted gardens with flowers and veggies.



This is one of the walkways that are situated along the route.  Quite beautiful and well maintained.  There is a lot of traffic in this area .. but on this rainy day we were almost alone!



I love these beautiful coverings on the power boxes (some kind of electrical thingy)   There is a vast assortment of these floral and artistic coverings all over the city .. creating beauty on utilitarian things.  Here … it adds colour to the woods.08


Sweet little ducks .. I think these are Harlequin ducks.  They are used to people but prefer the water and that is where they are heading right now.


This type of information poster is always helpful.



And of course .. these signs are quite helpful.   This was a rather busy signpost though.



I saw a small piece of Turkish facecloth down below on the beach .. too far away to pick up and it’s rather tattered at this stage.  Pretty, though.


This gorgeous bronze was situated along the way …



This is the daunting metal stairway to a higher level.  The hardier members of our group went up and down twice!  D and I went up and then did some stretches, waiting for the others to make it up the second time and then we descended.  Slowly, because these metal stairs were very slippery from the rain!

Would you believe that this lovely stretch of grassy area was so close to …..



.. this veritable village of high-rise condos!!!


There are so many lovely interesting things to see along the water’s edge …



There are a number of Arbutus trees everywhere in the city and surrounding countryside.   The wood is very strong, like iron .. here is a good web site with more information on this most lovely tree:


Clever fence painting!  And wouldn’t you know it .. this home has a music studio .. so this is a fanciful and appropriate display of their art!  Now that is an easy to find home!

This musical note is wired for light must look very cheerful in the evenings.


Here are some more lovely sky pics from that same afternoon.


These were so enjoyable .. because yesterday, the rains just poured down all day ..


So very beautiful and fresh ..



Spring is approaching ..

13Such cheerful little flowers … growing alongside a sidewalk.

02 Anyway, that was part of my day midweek.   These exercise sessions are so very satisfying in so many aspects.  Getting up and out the door early to make my way to the different locations 3 times a week.   Socializing with the other ladies is very interesting and we talk about such a variety of topics.   Our walks are vigorous, followed by a series of exercises and stretches.  4 1/2 hours a week and that really adds up.

I must admit, though, that the other 2 days of the week I am a little bit lazy (don’t breathe a word, ok?)  ha ha ha …