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Miranda Esmond-White .. Amazing …

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Ok .. I discovered the magic of Miranda Esmond-White last year.  I’d become quite a follower of her exercise regime.

All of her exercises make so much sense as you will see during this video.

The name of this exercise has changed from “Classical” to “Aging Backwards” to  “Essentrics” .. all the same, though.

Here is a link to a YouTube video, wherein Miranda explains her techniques:

It is not that I want to remain “young” .. no .. I love and am grateful for each year that I have.  What attracted me about her exercises is that I feel so much better!    And what is “young” anyway?  A newness?  Then I’m young forever!!  🙂

Her programs are a joy to follow .. she is upbeat, the shows are recorded in tropical locations and we see beautiful oceans, birds, scenery.

The  music is constantly changing and energizing.

She is so very positive and cheerful.

I laugh and cry when the exercises are tough.  (just kidding, I don’t cry!)  🙂

She employs a variety of regimes, Yoga, ballet, Tai Chi and it is never boring.

Best thing, the programs last only 23 minutes, but they are multi-movement stretches and exercises and it is equal to an hour.

Never boring.  Always positive.

I’m posting because my friends are tired of me going on about how wonderful these exercises are.

So I’m posting and I hope that someone out there gives this a try.

You will love all this positive energy .. I know that I do!!


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