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The thing about learning the violin is that you can never get worse!!!

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Many years ago, I took violin lessons.   Like my other interests, this one fell to the wayside over the years.  I still had my violin … just couldn’t part with it.  A friend had found this one and thought that I would enjoy learning how to play .. so I bought it and found 3 instructors, one after the other.   Each one had a technique which I struggled to understand.  Finally I decided to stop as I wasn’t just understanding what it was I had to learn – the language of music was too muddled for me to comprehend.   So my violin was placed atop a cupboard and stayed there for many years.

Sometime during the summer, my dh suggested that I take up the violin again.  I was becoming obsessed with my beads and things and he thought that some of this energy might be better served with something that brought me joy.

So .. .I fetched my violin case down from the cupboard and felt kind of sad at all the dust that covered it.   See my fingerprints where I carefully brought it down.


The first thing that I did was to fetch a cloth and dust it off.  That made me feel much better!


Then I opened it up and there was a piece of music from long ago inside!  My violin itself wasn’t dusty.   And did I hear a sigh of relief when I opened up the case?   I think so, but perhaps I imagined it?   Was my little violin happy to be out of the darkness finally?


A few months later, my violin has a new set of strings, (the new strings turned my attention to old strings and how to make jewelry out of them, that is how my mind works!  more later), a new tailpiece.  And I also have learned to supply a fabric padding so that my violin won’t rattle about in the case when I carry it around.   I used one of my beautiful scarves for this purpose.   I also have my lovely little tribute to my Muscovy Drake “Huggers”  .. a friend had created this on some green felt.   It is perfect for dusting the surplus rosin from my strings and it is a sweet reminder of my little duck.


I bought a whiteboard to mark things I need to learn and can change it about as I learn more.    Some things are falling into place.  (and oops .. first 4 notes of a minor scale .. must correct that whiteboard!)  🙂


I have my new and old music to learn and practice from and am so happy that I kept the old stuff!


Old and new – a delight and a challenge!


I’m learning the basics, which include so many things and it really is like juggling plates on sticks, rubbing my head and tummy while learning where to place my feet.   Almost a bit overwhelming, learning how to stand, place the violin, the left hand (without the death grip and letting the thumb just relax) and how to move the right hand and then move the bow in a straight line.

All at the same time … and then .. try to remember the tune to play.

Sometimes, when I practice, I can imagine that I can hear the tune that I’m learning, despite all the scratchings of the strings.   And for those brief seconds I am happy.

I will strive to learn and will do my best and sometimes, when I’m practicing, there is an overwhelming feeling of joy and satisfaction as I focus, one at a time .. at the many things that I am learning.

Have been following some blogs on beginner violin players and do get a chuckle at the similarities that we share!  And when I read how experienced violinists do have their qualms, this gives me a feeling that we are all in this together.  Some have devoted their lives to learning and playing this music.   I have only just begun and their thoughts give me solace.

I guess I could talk on and on about this but the time is running late.

Oh .. one more thing (among others!) .. I’ve begun my clogging again!!!  After an absence of about 10 years, I have found my instructor and have begun my beginner classes.

Funny how some of the steps, learned long ago, are still there …I love the rhythm and steps of the clogging .. so energizing and lively!!

Tonight was my first session and as I listened to the fiddle playing of one piece of music used for certain steps, I knew I was making the right decision to revisit the clogging as it ties in with the fiddle music I will be learning!  And there will be forays to the states for clogging workshops where, no doubt, there will be fiddle playing.

And I will be so happy!

So much fun …….so much joy …


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I love dogs and currently do not have any, so I am a dog-mommy when I can be. Gardening is my passion. I've always loved birds and I'm learning a bit at a time from all the Birders that I meet. Swan Lake is my second home! .

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