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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

Museum visits and the Bewick Wren is singing away

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A few days ago, my DH & I went to a water features shop and admired the koi in the pool .. this one was quite chubby, and he was trying his best to get us to throw him some food!  The clerk told us that this fish was the chocolate lab of koi!  Always looking for food, even when just fed!


We went to the Victoria Museum, really to see the amazing Viking show .. and as photos weren’t allowed .. I clicked away at other areas of the museum.  Here is the mighty mammoth!31

And I am so glad that this huge lion no longer roams our area ..look at those teeth!


This cougar looks real .. so sad that their habitat is slowly being taken away from them.  There was a large cougar habitat up-island where families were raised for many years .. was … because it was destroyed, how sad .. where can the cougars go now ..


This looks so like a forest ..except in this one, the animals don’t move an inch!



This was beautiful .. full of sea life and we stood there for awhile, like kids, pointing out the movements of the various little creatures .. lots of fun.


Now if there wasn’t a sign there, this would really seem to be a photo taken at the ocean.



I don’t imagine that I’ll ever be this close to a sea lion .. but that is ok!40

Very realistic .. so much so that I had dreams about bears chasing me .. argh..


This is really the survival of the fittest, if 3,000,000 seeds are scattered and only 1 survives …


Many of these artifacts came from North Saanich and surrounding areas, here on Vancouver island …huge tusks!  I wonder if they were found on someone’s farm, were they found during road construction .. or … ?????  Quite an impressive collection for all to see.


And we ventured into Old Town .. it has been quite a few years since I’d visited this area and I’d quite forgotten about the upper level.


There were few people around so I could click away and take lots of photos.


I wonder if this would be a Drawing Room, Front Room or guest area?  In any respect, it would have been quite a cosy setting in the cold weather, with a lovely fire going in that old fireplace.46

This is a rather formal section of the upstairs …


A nice comfortable bedroom, well appointed ..


Beautiful sideboard …in the upper hallway.


Ye ole saloon … it was fun looking inside, seeing glasses and mugs half full of pretend whiskey and beer.


This dressmakers shop was wonderful with lots of storage inside, well appointed.


Back home .. I heard, then saw the Bewick Wren .. atop the wild and crazy tree (pear trellis stock gone awry)


They are definitely nesting somewhere in the yard …I’ve heard the parents training the youngster(s) throughout the summer.  The father teaches the songs .. quite interesting, see:

53And here he dives down into the air .. off on a mission

54So much going on lately .. and we quite enjoyed the Museum visit (it was on my Birthday wish list!)  Lots of activity going on in the yard.

Today I picked up 2 organic bales of straw for the garden’s winter cover.  And lots of bird feeders (that weren’t intended as bird feeders!)  I’m taking them outside for a which wash and will fill with sunflowers .. looking forward to some happy pictures to share!

And the fall weather is a mix, here in Victoria!  Yesterday pouring rain with brilliant sunshine in the late afternoon.  Today started out as sunny with some rain showers and now it is back to sun .. so outside I go!



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