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Grubby Thoughts: Be a Good Egg…

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Good post. I spoke with someone who works at a local health food store. She commented that when she went to a local farm, to purchase “free range” eggs .. she was told that the eggs were sold out and so the worker went to the area where the hens were kept. Dirty area with the hens in a small enclosure, crowded. Terrible. I want to search local egg sources to see what the conditions are like. Thus far, I know that Rabbit River eggs are good (expensive) but they treat their hens respectfully.


…and stick with Free Range.

This week (13/11/13) some papers reported on recent research suggesting that free range isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. In 2012 the EU rightly banned the use of barren battery cages for keeping hens in, these cages would pack 6 birds into a cramped cage giving them no room to move. The ban came in after high profile campaigning which also led to many British shoppers changing their habits and making the switch to Free Range eggs which now make up over 50% of egg sales. This is now being threatened by ‘enriched cages’.

Enriched cages are the battery cage replacement. The term ‘Enriched’ is laughable. The extra space is little more than a postcard sized area for each hen, which means they still don’t have enough space to do what comes naturally to them (stretching their wings for example). These are still cages…

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