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Scooping plastic waste from the Sea

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I’ve been very busy lately .. both working hard in the garden, to finally try and plant everything (well, most of it anyway) and taking lots of wonderful photos.

Also I’ve started back on my exercise regime .. just 45 minutes of stretching and some Callanetics and a brisk long walk.

Then .. some housework, and outside.

Somehow the days just disappear.

I don’t even make time for reading the paper.  Well .. this morning after exercising, walking, shopping, laundry and even .. hold the phone .. vacuuming!!!  I decided to make a cup of tea and read yesterday’s Time Colonist paper.

And I am so very very glad that I did.

There was the most amazing article on page C1 of the business section about the most amazing group of entrepreneurs who are involved in locating plastics in the seas and oceans and repurposing them.   And in the process, giving credits to those who bring them in.  The credits can be used for a variety of things, education included. This is how the world changes in the most supportive and valuable way.

The article contained the web site: .. you simply must go there to see what is happening.

Makes my heart glad.

The story of how this came about is quite interesting and here is the link for that:

The owner of the plastic tracking system is David Katz and I think he is just the most wonderfully amazing person ….

Imagine .. in the future … less and less plastic in the waters of the world …what a dream that will become a reality.

So I’m happy that I took the time to open the paper and learn of this most wonderful young man and the team of people who are working alongside of him.

Brilliant beam of hope for the future of the oceans!!


off to the garden now …

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