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A sunny and cloudy Monday. Sightseeing and then some seaweed.


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

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Monday .. continued spreading the rich, mineral laden seaweed around the garlic.  So excited, found more scapes.  Oh, yes .. going to make more garlic scape pesto .. will I ever have enough?  Greedy little me, how I love this stuff.

The new generation of sparrows are quite the aggressive little guys.  They are having little tussles in the trees.  And it’s not just the sparrows either.  Yesterday I had to duck as I watched two Robins tumbling over each other in the skies, till they each went to their separate branches in the cherry tree.

Speaking of this venerable old cherry tree …. the fruits are ever so slowly showing a slight blush of pink. The winds have been whipping the branches, with the result that a lot of fruit is lying on the ground.  I see that the birds are tasting these and they aren’t very delicious to them, as they are leaving the cherries where they fall.

I can hear the nasal chirps of the little Chickadees.  And still haven’t seen the Bushtits … where are you my little darlings!

Time for a break .. today is my DH’s birthday .. so we dash out for Won Ton soup at Dakota’s and then time for a flight.

Oh, how I love being up in the sky with him …  the day is quite quiet . .not much traffic.  So I settle back and gaze out at the mountains and clouds.   Feels rather special to be in an aerial location to get a closer look at the clouds.  We’ve had quite the interesting variety of skies in the past few days, as you can see in the pics I’ve posted.

Back home .. I continue to spread the seaweed … quite a variety, actually … all gathered from the shoreline last week.  I was going to dry them and place them in containers for the compost, but they’ve been in the bins for 5 days and have reached the stage where they are better off being mixed into the ground.

As I do this .. I’m finding more garlic scapes.  Even thin, delicate scapes from the garlic that I’d potted up last fall.

Just getting into the flow when the rains come back.  Darn. Double Darn.

So, inside …lots to do there, never stops.

Later, I take my first Seaweed Bath.  Why has it taken me so long … months.  to indulge in this luxury?   I just plain don’t know!  Whatever, finally, I prepare the bath and settle in.  There is the most amazing giant leaf of Kombu (this was a single leaf, not attached to anything when I found it!)  I’d dried it out in the sun months ago.  And now, as the rich emerald-green of this magnificent leaf becomes alive in the water .. the soft velvety indentations of the surface sheer translucent beauty shimmer as I hold it up to view against the light.

I soak in the mineral laden water for a while .. such decadence feels appropriate for this day and I just relax and breathe in the scent of the sea.

And later on, I  slept the most delicious relaxing sleep .. and woke up feeling relaxed, yet energetic.   I’ll reuse the Kombu again tonight and then it will be added to the compost .. to continue its magic powers . .sharing its oceanic values with the earth.

And so .. its early morning .. time for another pot of Yorkshire Tea and outside .. to make incredible changes to the yard . .. or just to see how things are growing and to plant my latest leafy ferns, grape vines and on and on .. with this day.


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I love dogs and currently do not have any, so I am a dog-mommy when I can be. Gardening is my passion. I've always loved birds and I'm learning a bit at a time from all the Birders that I meet. Swan Lake is my second home! .

3 thoughts on “A sunny and cloudy Monday. Sightseeing and then some seaweed.

  1. Was wondering what to do with the garlic scapes…now I know! Can I do the same with Leek…I presume that I could.


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