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No matter the language, my garden is my paradise. To watch the lovely birds that nest in the trees and bushes. The bees, butterflies are such a joy to see.

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The tenacity of life … the power of the Chinook, very empowering

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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One of the things that we did on the weekend was to make a trip to Stamp River.  We’ve flown over this “little patch” of river many times .. but it was only when we drove to this BC Park & Campground and wandered along the pathway of this turbulent bit of water ..that we could really appreciate the magnificence of the raw power of the rushing waters and the salmon run.

This year was a record for the Chinook .. they were so thick in numbers, you could almost walk along the surface of them. Of course, I’m kidding .. .but there were millions of them.

Nothing equals the raw power of the sounds of the thundering movement of the river as it wends it’s way along.  And really, really .. the spectacular sight of the salmon intent on getting back to their spawning grounds.  Being true to their being.  Awesome.

The sheer numbers and their sole focus was absolutely humbling in every way.   Who are we mere mortals, struggling along in our daily lives, filled with all sorts of meaningless activities … besides the basic instincts of wild animals simply living their live as nature intended.

We spent some time along the river.  Speechless with the view of such power .. words weren’t necessary ..   .

If you’ve ever spent time at such a place, then you will know the atmosphere of which I speak.  The raw power and absolute majesty of the nature fully alive was very powerful and fully inspirational.

What things can I not do, with the energy of this sight embedded in my heart?

So .. I took away with me a fully recharged energizing enthusiasm … it felt good to be thus renergized.   From nature.

Twas a great day.

And now .. out to the garden.

I’ve been going through my seed packet supply .. it’s quite sizeable.  Seeds going back to 1990.

So I did a little experiment.  I soaked 3 packages of tomato varieties .. in EM  . .. then placed them in seeding cells.  I know that it is July and some of the seeds, if they do germinate, might not attain a ripe red stage. But .. I just had to try!.

The I found some Calendula and poppy seeds .. so I just scattered handfuls around the back yard.   These I know will soon germinate and blossom .. adding more colour to the yard.

My lovely garlic is nearing the harvesting stage.  Seems only a few months ago I was carefully reshaping a patch of the garden, lovingly placing the cloves in little rows.  Feeding them EM and seaweed.  Soon, gulp, I will discover if the bulbs will be large or if all the goodness has gone to the stalks.  Well .. there is always next year.

And if I keep the sight of the salmon in my mind’s eye .. well then .. I’ll just keep on trying and trying till I attain a giant crop of garlic.

I’m already planning a shift change for next years garden .. but for now … I’ll just enjoy this one.

Happy Gardening.


I love my little garden .. it’s my favourite place to be.

Friday, June 22, 2012

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Thursday was a warm, muggy day .. rain is going to be happening in a day or so.   Spent hours and hours spreading the iridea out on the framed trellis sections.  My makeshift outdoor gardening play area, comprised of two fold-out tables.  Used those handy Rubbermaid containers, styrofoam rooting flats and empty blue garbage cans (these are only ever used for gardening).  And thanks to my pal J B for these lovely blue containers.  They are so handy for storing plant items outside, protecting contents from the rain.  And .. they look pretty!

All the plants are looking a bit parched so I watered as much as I could.  The days are longer and so I was working (playing) till after 8 pm.  Wow.

Looked at the containers of seaweed that I really meant to spread on the garden yesterday, but didn’t .. so that’s one chore today.

Tell me .. is this the sign of: a) an avid gardener; b) an obsessed gardener; or c) a very bored person .. when I dream of the vegetables I’ll be planting, where I’ll be planting them, how I will augment the soil and where to place any trellised thingies for the plants to grow up on?

I mean, I woke up this morning, from a dream where I was working away like crazy in the garden.

Some people dream of great inventions and bring them to life .. me .. I just seem to dream a lot about gardening .. maybe it’s just the summer.

Well, a harmless addiction, I must say.

So ..I’m very happy with the progress of the garden.   Especially the new-ish plantings at the side of the yard, along the fenceline.  Tiny plants right now and I can visualize them in a few months time.  Thanks to the waterings of EM, the good soil.  And next week I’ll be ordering yards of that lovely Miracle Mulch.   Comprised of shredded branches, leaves which I will mulch along the sides of the gardens along the fencelines.   Just for the perennials, not the edibles.

Which reminds me, the raspberry canes are just going crazy, along one side of the yard.  I thought I had removed every darn one and transplanted them.  But no … up they sprout.

Well, we will have lots of raspberries, that’s for sure.

Not so sure about the cherries .. the strong winds of the past few weeks have knocked a lot of them down.  And, since the birds are welcome to the cherries at the top of the tree .. I would like to make a pie or two from those that remain on the lower branches.

There will be lots of plums this year!  And apples .. and blueberries (my DH loves these!)  Lots of squash, pumpkins, peas, beans.

I love my little garden …. it’s my little Paradise, my refuge from the busyness of the city.  My oasis, where time doesn’t exist .. and .. after I make a pot of Yorkshire Tea .. .that is where I am heading for the entire day.